Hey ya’ll. This is JD a.k.a. Josey Wales, a.k.a. Bruner Zucker, a.k.a. Dorris J. Fair, a.k.a. Herbert Spencer, and a few aliases I have forgotten, or haven’t began using yet.  When you get booted from Facebook as often as I do, it helps to have a few back-up personas to play with during the time-outs.

0035_meThis is my “archive” site.  I do a little bit of writing and short YouTube videos here, but mostly this is a convenient spot for me to organize and store the works of others I have found on the internet, and share them with you.

Everything I’ve got on this site I have found free on the internet, and as far as I am concerned, it is free to you as well from my site. I give full credit to the original authors, as well as where I found the information, whenever possible. I don’t really give a damn about copyright or intellectual property. If I found it, I’m gonna share it.

Navigating the site is pretty straight forward for anybody who’s been on the internet for 10 minutes, but, I have basically split this into two distinct, but sometimes overlapping sections.

On the right side, (near the top of page) from “Home” down to “TSU Memes”, these are “pages” and the subjects here are organized by topic. For example, the page “Education”. If you scroll over “Education” a list of sub-topics appears to the left. Scroll over those, and you may or may not be offered another sub-topic. But, all the sub-topics will relate to the “Education” parent topic. Some of the same information may or may not be found under Categories (discussed below) corresponding to a specific libertarian/anarchist author.

Below “Blog Stats” is “Categories” where you can scroll an alphabetical list of authors. Under the “Categories” section, EVERYTHING pertains to Libertarianism/Voluntaryism/Anarchism.

The “Pages” section deals with many topics that may or may not stand alone as  Libertarianism/Voluntaryism/Anarchism. For example, “Conspiracy Theories” >>> “New World Order” >>> “Secret Societies” >>> “Council On Foreign Relations”, doesn’t really fall comfortably under the Category section, which is exclusively Libertarianism/Voluntaryism/Anarchism related.

I try to do house cleaning (removing dead links, organizing lost files, and tweak the layout a bit) 3-4 times/year, but I add content as often as I find and organize it. Some days I’ll add 10 or more new content items, and sometimes I’ll go a week or longer without adding anything. (Real life creeps in and interrupts me sometimes.) But check back frequently, because I really do try to add new anarchist personalities/biographies, articles, videos, and e-books often, as well as content under the “Pages” section.

I’ve got a lot of information here, and I hope ya’ll find what you’re looking for. I don’t allow comments on this site because quite frankly, I don’t want to spend all my time dealing with spam, trolls, and morons. But it is easy enough to find me, or one of my many alts, using the links below (and above). Thanks for visiting my site.

Josey Wales on Facebook.  This is my main Facebook account. I piss lots of people off, get reported, and end up doing 30 day Facebook jail sentences a lot, but still the Facebook account I prefer to use.

Josey Wales Facebook “Page”.  I don’t post here often, and comment here even less, but sometimes when my main Facebook account is suspended, and I can’t post there, I’ll post here.

Josey Wales on TSU.  I really like TSU. I don’t chat a whole lot there. I post something, (usually a link from my archive site), once an hour or so, then go about my business. Sometimes I’ll do a specific daily theme, (for example, Lysander Spooner Day or Common Core Week) and sometimes its just random. Some days, I’ll post nothing but e-books for a day or two, then I’ll post nothing but memes for a spell. I’ll share something from other TSU users a few times a day. I really like using hashtags to find (and share) specific information on a given topic. If you’re not familiar with TSU, I made 2 short videos, (How Do You TSU? and How Do You TSU?… Two )  when I first joined in November 2014. I’ve also collected and made a page of TSU Memes that you are more than welcome to download and share using your TSU shortcode.

Josey Wales on Google +. I don’t use this a whole lot, but I go through spurts of posting on Google +.

Josey Wales on Twitter. I don’t interact on Twitter at all. Whenever I add new content to my Wordpress site, it automatically tweets the post for me, and many times when I post to TSU, I’ll select the tweet option. I never actually visit Twitter or talk with people there, but I get emails suggesting  followers, and  I have generated quite a bit of traffic to my Wordpress site from Twitter, so I’m grateful for the option.

Josey Wales on YouTube. I’ve made a few YouTube videos. Haven’t done one in a while. I may get back into making more in the future. Seems to be a winter project. I have been researching to write an e-book, and if I ever get to actually writing it, I’ll do it in audio book form for YouTube.