A Biography of Carl Menger

The Founder of the Austrian School (1840-1921) by Joseph T. Salerno “All things are subject to the law of cause and effect. This great principle knows no exception.” INTRODUCTION Despite the many illustrious forerunners in its six-hundred year prehistory, Carl Menger (1840-1921) was the true and sole founder of the Austrian school of economics proper. He […]

A Biography of A.R.J. Turgot (1727-1781)

Brief, Lucid, and Brilliant MURRAY N. ROTHBARD “To suppose all consumers to be dupes, and all merchants and manufacturers to be cheats, has the effect of authorizing them to be so, and of degrading all the working members of the community.” ANNE ROBERT JACQUES TURGOT’S career in economics was brief but brilliant, and in every […]

A Biography of Adam Smith

  The Celebrated Adam Smith By Murray N. Rothbard (Originally published as chapter 16 in An Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought, Vol. I, Edward Elgar Press, 1995; Mises Institute, 2006. Sources on this chapter.) Part 1 – The mystery of Adam Smith Part 2 – The life of Smith Part 3 – The division […]

The Return of Big Government

by DAVID BOAZ JANUARY 1, 2009 It’s been a long time since a U.S. election generated feelings of actual joy beyond the ranks of partisan activists. If Barack Obama hasn’t yet ushered in a new “era of good feelings,” all Americans can take pride in the demise of yet another glass ceiling in a nation conceived […]

Are You Now or Have You Ever Been a Libertarian?

by DAVID BOAZ JANUARY 1, 2008 We’ve grown accustomed to the cartoonish misrepresentation of the idea of individual liberty. E. J. Dionne Jr. of theWashington Post, for instance, has written that modern libertarians believe that “individuals come into the world as fully formed adults who should be held responsible for their actions from the moment of […]

Are Libertarians Anti-Government?

by DAVID BOAZ JULY 1, 1998 For the past several years, especially since the Oklahoma City bombing, the national media have focused a lot of attention on “antigovernment” extremists. Libertarians, who are critical of a great deal that government does, have unfortunately but perhaps understandably been tossed into the “anti-government” camp by many journalists. There are […]

Thomas Jefferson on Public Education

by GEORGE H. SMITH Part One: APRIL 3, 2012 A question of some doubt might be raised…as to the rights and duties of society towards its members, infant and adult. Is it a right or a duty in society to take care of their infant Members in opposition to the will of the parent? How far […]


by DAVID BOAZ JULY 1, 1997 The long struggle against communism kept libertarians and traditionalist conservatives allied despite their often significant philosophical differences. Since the demise of the Soviet Union, many commentators have speculated on the likelihood of growing strains in the libertarian-conservative relationship. Usually the speculation has centered on splits between libertarians and the religious […]

Rights and Responsibilities

by DAVID BOAZ JANUARY 1, 1994 A journalist asked me recently what I thought of a proposal of self-styled communitarians to “suspend for a while the minting of new rights.” How many ways, I thought, does that get it wrong? Communitarians seem to see rights as little boxes; when you have too many, the room gets […]