What Ever Happened to the Constitution?

Judge Andrew Napolitano, What Ever Happened to the Constitution?

Introduction by Lew Rockwell.

Well, we’ve got a treat this afternoon. From our mystery speaker for two thousand and ten on the twenty fifth anniversary of the MisesUniversity. We bring you a man who is famous, who will be more famous still. A man who has accomplished so much through his writing in his extraordinary speaking but will accomplish even more. A man who is a champion of civil liberties, of peace, of free markets, but will be an even greater champion in years to come. Help me welcome our most extraordinary speaker, a man who, by the way, makes normally huge speaking fees, but is coming here today as a gift to the Mises Institute and to you. Help me welcome this great man.

More from Judge Napolitano

14 thoughts on “What Ever Happened to the Constitution?

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