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02_jdMy name is “Josey Wales“. This is my “blog”. I am a Libertarian. That does not mean I think there is no role for a government. I think there is a very limited and specific role for government, and it is up to We The People to keep that government in check. We have FAILed miserably. Being a Libertarian also does not mean I dream of a Utopia, nor do I envision a lawless society. So, do NOT tell me to get the hell out of your country and move to Somalia.

I spend a lot of time reading and collecting information. In fact, most of what you find on this site, has been written by others. I have merely assembled the information and put it in one convenient spot.  I always give credit to the author of everything I post here. In most cases, I provide a link somewhere within the document from where I gathered the information. The ONLY works I take credit for, are the documents I post in the “Josey Wales” category.

This site is a continual work in progress. I try to add content every day, but rarely go more than two days without adding new content. You will find that most of what I post is from Libertarians, but I also have a  ton of information dealing with other topics.  As time goes on, I will be creating different blogs linked to this site dedicated to those other topics. But for now, I will be concentrating on building this particular blog dedicated to Libertarianism.


I no longer can justify believing there is any legitimate reason for government. I have not abandoned the principles of libertarianism. I have merely taken the plunge from minarchy to anarchy. I believe humans can live peacefully among one another without coercion from a state. I do not recognize any authority over me whatsoever.

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