This Bread is Mine


0001_robert_lefevreThe most remarkable thing in the world is the individual human being. No possible combination of human beings is quite so unique or so fascinating as the nature and characteristics of ONE SINGLE PERSON.

For a number of centuries, scholars have interested themselves in the group activities of human beings. The result is an over-emphasis on groups and a corresponding under-emphasis on the importance of the single unit of the human race.

Thus, in modem times, we find an active and popular philosophy of “social-ism”  with little in the way of an active and popular philosophy of individualism. It is in the hopes of making some small contribution toward such a philosophy that this book has been written.

The whole can never be greater than the sum of its parts. Society can never be more than the total of the human units which comprise it. It is from a tendency to create in the name of society a mysterious ADDITIONAL factor, not supplied by any of the units of society, that the doctrine of socialism takes its life.

To expound and delineate a philosophy of individualism, a beginning will be made within the doctrine of socialism, for that is the doctrine, in varying degrees, by which men have lived and to which they are fully accustomed. The errors and shortcomings of socialism will provide us an opportunity of laying the groundwork for a better understanding of ourselves as distinct and unique units.

It is only when we understand our basic individual characteristics that we can journey into freedom.

Robert LeFevre

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