A Biography of Charles Murray

0003_charles_murrayCharles Murray is an America Libertarian, Political Scientist, and Pundit who is currently working as a fellow at the American Institute, a conservative “Think Tank” in Washington D.C.

He has also authored other books including The Bell Curve, that drew much criticism from the African American community. His latest book Coming Apart: The State Of White America 1960-2010, chronicles the changes in America that have affected the white population.

In days gone by, there was always an upper and lower class. Whites typically fell into to upper class demo and other ethnicities were fighting and working hard to also be a part of the upper class society.

In Charles’ book Coming Apart, he explores and talks about the upper and lower class within the white population of America over the past 50 years.

This was a truly fascinating book to read. The soft cover was released the end of January, and includes the latest 2012 census which corroborates many, if not most of Charles’ earlier discoveries.



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