A Biography of David Bergland

0003_david_peter_berglandDavid Peter Bergland received the United States Libertarian Party’s nomination for the 1984 presidential election. Bergland and his running mate Jim Lewis received 228,111 (0.3%). He received the party’s vice-presidential nomination in the 1976 presidential election, sharing the ticket with Roger MacBride. The MacBride/Bergland ticket received 172,553 votes (0.2%). He served as the party’s national chair from 1977 to 1981 and from 1998 to 2000.


1935 – David P. Bergland was born in California, an American libertarian activist.

1974 – He ran for California Attorney General but ended unsuccessful.

1976 – Was the Libertarian Party Vice-presidential nominee sharing the ticket with Roger MacBride.

1977-1981 – He served as Libertarian Party national Chairman.

1978 – He ran unsuccessfully as the candidate for the California State Senate.

1984 – He was a Presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party.

1998-2000 – Once again he is the National Chairman of Libertarian Party.

2000 – He managed the Libertarian presidential campaign of Harry Browne.

– He is the author of the book Libertarianism in One Lesson.

2005 – In an interview, he said the book is “aimed at reasonably intelligent, but non-academic, readers who genuinely want to understand libertarianism, but don’t want to be preached to or lectured.”


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