An Arrow Against All Tyrants

An arrow against all tyrants and tyranny, shot from the prison of Newgate into the prerogative bowels of the arbitrary House of Lords and all other usurpers and tyrants whatsoever. Wherein the original, rise, extent, and end of magisterial power, the natural and national rights, freedoms and properties of mankind are discovered and undeniably maintained; the late oppressions […]

A Biography of Richard Overton

Richard Overton (1599-1664) Richard Overton was an English pamphleteer and Leveller(1) during the Civil War(2). Little is known of the early life of Overton, but he is believed to have matriculated at Queens’ College, Cambridge, before working as an actor and playwright in Southwark. Here he picked up Leveller sympathies, and started publishing pamphlets against […]