The Writings of F. A. Harper, Volume 2: Shorter Essays


0001_f_a_baldy_harperI. ECONOMICS

The Free Market
Perils of the Free Market, National and International
Gaining the Free Market
Fighting Fires Privately
An Introduction to Value Theory
Improving the World’s Diet Is a Tremendous Problem
The Food Situation
The Government’s Agricultural Policy and Inflation
Agriculture’s Sacred Seventh Inflation and Taxes
Are Price Controls Necessary for the “Unprotected”?

Stand-by Controls
A Seeming Paradox about Inflation
The Graduated Gadinkus Tax
How Are You Doing-Paywise?
The Shrinking White Collar
Dollars down the Drain
Your Tax Burden
Jobs for All (Who Want To Work)
Defending Private Property
Other Economic Essays
Economic Witch Doctors

Eating the Seed Corn
Prosperity by Procreation
Guaranteeing Your Income
Organized Incentives NOT To Work
On Breeding Prosperity
Higher Pay and Its Origins


General Essays
Freedom and Enterprise
Can Cooperation Replace Competition?
Blessings of Discrimination
Sequoyah: Symbol of Free Men
Liberty Defined
Liberty and Opportunity
Peace and Discord
In Search of Peace
The Beast That Prowls within Us
On Generating Civil Strife
Harmony Out ofChaos
Gaining Recruits for an Idea
The Omelet Has No Rights
The Disharmony of World Unity
Some Observations at the Iron Curtain
Help Wanted
Public Dis-Utilities
Why Pay for Things?
On Sharing Profits
Property and Its Primary Form


What College-If Any?
The Economic Scoreboard
Simply Speaking
Well, I’ll Be Switched!
To Shoot a Myth
Training the Young To Be Capitalists
Sacred Cows and Bruised Shins
We Do Not Have the Final Answers
Moral Philosophy
Philosophy through the Bars
The Greatest Economic Charity
Morals and Liberty
Your Brother’s Keeper: From Genesis to

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