Not Even Achieving an Impossible Libertarian Dream Will Suffice

By Robert Higgs  •  Sunday August 11, 2013 Libertarians dream of cutting back the bloated Leviathan under whose weight people now struggle simply to catch their breath—breathing freely being almost beyond imagination. A few of us dream of eliminating the state altogether, however much we recognize the impossibility of doing so. Many more libertarians, however, believe that […]

The Cycle of the State

Higgs, Hoppe, and Hopelessness Dan Sanchez   In Greek myth, Sisyphus was punished in Hades by having to eternally push a boulder up to the summit of a hill, only to have it roll down each time and to have to start over. This is an apt representation of the hopelessness of state revolution and […]

The Birth of America’s “Religion of Violence”

By Thomas DiLorenzo July 7, 2014 Laurence Vance has coined the word “warvangelical” to describe so-called evangelical Christians who are obsessed with supporting all of the state’s wars and all of the death, destruction, and mayhem that they entail.  They ignore the ancient just war tradition of St. Thomas Aquinas, among others, and simply support all […]

Again With the Isolationist Smears

Even interventionism is sometimes too isolationist for today’s on the go interventionists Sheldon Richman | July 17, 2014 It doesn’t take much to be smeared as an isolationist by leading Republicans. Texas Gov.Rick Perry, who appears to be running for president again, and former vice president Dick Cheney — not to mention Sen. John McCain, Gov. Chris Christie, […]

Defense and the State

July 13th, 2014    by Anthony Caprio One of the most common objections to a stateless society is “Who will provide the defense?” Doesn’t any nation with a weak military or no military suffer the same fate as Poland in WWII, subjection to a larger force bent on looting wealth, and enslaving the native population? […]