Josey Wales is being a Hypocrite

0001_adviceAs many of you may have noticed, I have been going through a bit of a change lately. At least it appears that I have. Technically, I am merely taking note of what I always believed to be true of myself.

I am an anarchist. There. I said it.  The problem is, I’m just not quite ready to take the plunge, and I hope to explain why in the upcoming paragraphs.

For many years, I have tried to educate myself, as well as others on the principles of libertarianism. Yes, I used a lower-case (l), and did so to make a point. And that is, for many of those years, I advocated, promoted, and pimped for Libertarian candidates to hold office.

You see, I can find no fault in the platform of the Libertarian Party. If one is to assume a government is necessary, (which for many years I did), the LP platform is solid. It always has been. Some of the candidates however, have left me unsatisfied, to say the least. But the platform, the stated mission, of the LP is in line with the philosophy of libertarianism. So, like many, I bit my tongue, held my nose, and for the most part, toed the Party line. I no longer hold the belief that a government, any government is necessary. In fact, I believe that ALL governments are destructive.

Keep in mind, I have NEVER voted in the general election for POTUS. I have known for decades, that vote is a sham. By the time you and I get to the booth, it’s entirely too late. In fact, by the time the Primaries roll out in full swing, it’s already too late. But that’s not to say that I never participated in this process we are programmed to believe must exist. In fact, I have been extremely active in vetting candidates, promoting “liberty minded” candidates, attending “sign bombs” and all the other fun stuff that goes along with keeping people duped.

Yes, you read that right. We’ve all been duped, and I have actively participated in perpetuating the fraud, and I admit, I am going to continue through the 2014 mid-term elections. The truth is, and I really am having a difficult time writing this, there are no “liberty minded” candidates. If they were truly liberty minded, they wouldn’t be candidates. Politicians, no matter how noble, run for office because of some belief that they have a moral obligation to rule over others. And we, legitimize this belief by voting and paying taxes.

Think about it. A politician is a legislator. And what do legislators do? They legislate. Create laws. And the only thing a law is, any law, every law, is a piece of paper telling you what you are allowed to do or what you are not allowed to do.

This is where my transition has kicked in. We all accept the notion of “authority”. Somebody has to be in charge, right? Well, actually, no. What sense does it really make, for us to “elect” people to tell us what we can or cannot do? Even those very few individuals who claim to be “libertarian leaning”. We are still advocating the idea that somebody has to be in control over us.

I know what you’re thinking…”What about the Ron Paul’s, Justin Amash’s, Thomas Massie’s, and Mike Lee’s, etc., who actually DO act on principle, their Party be damned?” Well that seems to be where my own personal conflict arises. I do not believe these people are “bad”, and I do believe their motives and intentions are “good”.  But again, why do these people think they know better for you than you do? Remember, all they really are, are lawmakers.

But in line with noting my hypocrisy, here is a list of Libertarian candidates, running for various offices all across the country this mid-term. And I hope every damn one of them wins their elections!

“Well geez Josey, in one sentence you claim to be an anarchist, and in the next you are hoping people continue to participate. Hypocrite much?”

Yeah, I told you guys I am struggling here. The thing is, I’m not an idealistic moron who thinks tomorrow the planet is going to turn “stateless”. I know, that many long before me have advocated for a stateless society, and many more after me will come along to promote the same ideals. But the sad truth is, we just don’t have the numbers needed. It’s not that it would take much effort. In fact, it takes relatively no effort at all. Just simply withdraw your consent. Do not participate. Do not vote. Do not pay taxes. Ignore them completely. No effort at all required. But for every 10 of us, there are 100,000 of those who think we are fringe lunatics, tax-evaders, criminals, and traitors.

So knowing this, my idealism gives way to pragmatism. And after all, I have invested way too much time in getting to the point we are now, to simply abandon it just yet. Go back and take a look at that list of Libertarian candidates. It’s pretty damn long. And a lot of them are running for localized offices where you and I actually MIGHT have a voice to be heard.

I have often said that the logical CONCLUSION to libertarianism is anarchy. And I believe this. For me it has been an evolutionary process and I am still evolving. I have always been anti-war and pro-choice on just about everything else under the sun. I long ago abandoned the idea that one, or ANY “Party” gives a damn about you or me. And I long ago committed to refusing to fund those jokers, if you know what I mean. But I am here to say, that my hypocrisy will be short-lived. After the 2014 mid-terms, my personal evolution will be complete. Until then, I will continue to promote Libertarian candidates, if for no other reason than to watch the “Big Two” squirm, cheat, lie, and steal, in order to prevent those candidates into the game.

But I will also be heavily promoting the ideas of a stateless society. And if I appear to be hypocritical in this phase of my evolution, so be it. I just thought it fair to let you good people know, I am aware of it, struggling through it, and aim to rectify it.

Yours in PEACE,

Josey Wales

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