In Defense of Anarchism

by Robert Paul Wolff (1970) I. The Conflict Between Authority and Autonomy 1. The Concept of Authority Politics is the exercise of the power of the state, or the attempt to influence that exercise. Political philosophy is therefore, strictly speaking, the philosophy of the state. If we are to determine the content of political philosophy, […]

Demystifying the State

by Wendy McElroy Mystification is the process by which the commonplace is elevated to the level of the divine by those who have a vested interest in its unassailability. Government is a perfect example of mystification at work. Government is a group of individuals organized for the purpose of extracting wealth and exerting power over […]

The Jones Plantation

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Against Authority

In the early nineteenth century, socialism meant nothing more than having a normative plan or idea of how society should be. Later in the nineteenth century, “socialism” meant opposition to concentration of capital in the hands of a few state-privileged persons. Today, of course, socialism means something quite different—collective ownership of the means of production […]