Short Rant on Voting

0027_mushroom_cloudIf you still deny the comparison to today’s U.S.A. and EVERY dictatorship in history, you are just hopelessly lost and probably should just board the cattle cars tomorrow morning.

You cannot simply vote away this problem. I don’t give a damn who you put in the White House in 2016, NOTHING will be done to reverse the trend. Whoever you people decide to elect, will only expand on the previous policies and further strip you of your civil liberties.

We (libertarians) get it. You were horrified by the policies of Bush. You saw a light at the end of the tunnel with Obama. You bought the “Hope and Change” rhetoric. Well, six years later, after a RE-election, are you still hopeful? What SPECIFICALLY has changed? Nothing good, that’s for damn sure.

Now don’t get me wrong. My rant is not an isolated condemnation of Obama. I am telling you, just like I did in 2008 AND 2012, it doesn’t make one damn bit of difference WHO you elect. Once you allow them to begin limiting your rights, “they” will NEVER give them back. The only actual “hope” we had in 2008 AND 2012 (and its not certain electing Ron Paul would have “fixed” anything), most people just dismissed. The media cast him out as a lunatic. The “debate” was silenced. His own Party, through the RNC cheated, lied and stole any possibility of nomination. And the facebook (and other social media) idiots blindly accepted it…AGAIN…and pulled the lever for (D) or (R), where (D) won again.

Guantanamo Bay is not only STILL open, but millions and millions of dollars have been spent on constructing NEW FACILITIES. The NSA did NOT stop spying on you, but ramped up their efforts. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan did NOT end, but have escalated into Iraq 3.0 and estimates indicate another 10 years more (at least) in Afghanistan. This Nobel Peace Prize winning anti-war leftist, has now bombed SEVEN fucking countries and there is absolutely no reason to believe he is done yet. The economy is STILL in the shitter. The poor are STILL poor. The children are STILL being housed in cubicles of conformity, with no hope of getting an “education”. The NDAA and the Patriot Act are STILL in full swing. Your local police departments are becoming more and more militarized by the day. Journalists are STILL being imprisoned and silenced. And the god damn list goes on and on and on.

Your “Constitutional Republic” is lost. The “high court” doesn’t give a shit. The Congress doesn’t give a shit. It is all just theater and YOU keep buying the tickets.

But go ahead America, pull the lever for the guy with the (R) in 2016. I’m sure it’ll work this time.

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