Royal Landlords

Excerpt from Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance by John G. Vibes

0200_alchemy_of_the_timeless_renaissanceThe fact that a very tiny percentage of the world’s population maintains control of all the land and resources on the planet is another one of the serious issues of the 21st Century that no one wants to face. The facts are all on public record, and all of the statistics that I used in this essay have been taken from the World Wealth Report of 2007 released by Merrill Lynch/ Cap Gemini.

The people who are responsible for poverty and hunger are in fact those who are keeping food and resources away from the rest of the human population. This group I am referring to consists of less than 1% of the population, they are the royal bloodlines and multinational corporations that covertly rule over the entire planet. Whether we want to admit it or not these people have total control over the world’s population by maintaining a monopoly over everything they possibly can from energy resources to food and water. These monopolies are always achieved and maintained through governments, because governments act as the mechanism of force for the aristocracy.

Hundreds of years ago, the royalty of Great Britain were hell bent on world domination, like many other European nations at the time. After centuries of violence and conquest the British royalty were able to dominate most of the world through political and military force. It was said that “the sun never set on the British Empire” because there were so many areas throughout the world which the British had colonized, that it was always daytime somewhere in an occupied territory of Britain. Even today the Queen of England’s real estate takes up 1/3 of the earth’s surface! That’s one family owning more than a quarter of all the land in the world, while 85% of the human race owns no land at all! This is not what humanity is about, something is horribly wrong with this situation.

The royal family may have the lion’s share of land to their name, but other elite families also have a large wealth of stolen property as well, which they have acquired through generations of conquest.

Land is not scarce, if it were to be divided up equally there would actually be 5.2 acres available to every man woman and child in the world, and that isn’t even including Antarctica. Now I’m not suggesting that we divide up the earth into 7 billion 5 acre sections, but these figures should help you better understand the gross disparity of land ownership that exists between the ruling class and the rest of us. Most average people don’t have the luxury of owning much of anything, instead they are piled into slums and ghettos where they have little privacy or personal property. For the rest of us the idea of owning an entire continent is not within the realm of our understanding, we are too busy struggling to stay alive and feed our families.

There is no reason why the real wealth of this world should be in so few hands. Literally 99% of the world’s population struggles to keep their families fed and in safe housing, while the privileged spend their days figuring out how to hide or whitewash this exploitation. They know that if the majority of people were to figure out that they were being taken advantage of so others could live lives of luxury, things would change very quickly. It is our hard work and creativity which they feed upon. Without having people under them to keep things running, their game would fall apart. The ruling class consists of the people that have given us our corrupt education systems, media and politicians. All of these institutions have been manipulated in order to imprison the minds of the struggling, hardworking people of this planet.

The ruling class has stolen nearly every last piece of land on earth and they use their control of this land to keep the world’s population under their thumb. Through the strict enforcement of international law and strong arm collection of property taxes “the powers that shouldn’t be” are able to use their stolen land to enslave their helpless subjects and keep them dependent. This is exactly how the feudal lords maintained control over their peasant underlings during the Middle Ages. For all intents and purposes it has been the same royal families that have had control of this land down through the centuries. So even though the names and financial systems have slightly changed, the general structure of our social system and the bloodlines that benefit from it have stayed the same.

Land ownership should be decided according to direct homesteading, if you are living in, or making use of a particular piece of land or property, then that belongs to you. Claiming large areas of land by planting flags or drawing lines on a map is not a legitimate way to homestead property.

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