Republican Wave 2014

Good morning everyone. This is my second YouTube video, and if you’ve not seen my first (which was basically just an introduction of who I am), you can check it out on my YouTube channel or WordPress site. I’ve posted the links below.

I’ve been working over the last week or so, on a project to discuss with you the CFR, (Council on Foreign Relations). But I had to put that on hold to do a short video of last night’s elections.

Those of you who saw my first video, already know I do not vote. I do not encourage voting. In fact, I greatly discourage voting. But I also know that there are far too many people, that I simply cannot, as of yet, convince to abandon this barbaric practice of selecting certain people to act immorally on their behalf. They are going to continue to vote.

So knowing that, I did (feeling quite hypocritical) encourage those who were absolutely going to vote, no matter what I said to discourage them, to look honestly at the LP candidates running in their districts and states, and consider voting for them. Hell, I don’t know…maybe I convinced a few here or there. It really doesn’t matter. I didn’t really think the LP would swoop down and run through Congress like shit through a goose. Things last night turned out pretty much how I expected. Which actually, may turn out to be a good thing in a sense. And, I’ll try to elaborate on that thought as we continue.

Last night after most of the elections were decided I found myself “LOL-ing” all over Facebook groups.  You had the Democrats crying about how “abortion was gonna be outlawed!” and “the racists will be lynching blacks here in the south again!” and “they’re gonna start pushing old folks off the cliff!” and “all the children will go hungry!” Yeah, some of these lefties crack me up with their “save the children” horse shit. We gotta ban guns to save the children…but we need more abortion clinics. And hell, the right is just as fucked up with their “save the children” shit. We gotta get rid of the abortion clinics to save the children…so we can send them off to die in a fucking desert later. Of course, wars of aggression seem to be the one thing they both agree on. And then I saw all the righties on Facebook yapping about “The people have spoken!” and “We have rejected the policies of Obama!” Are these people really so blind? Obama’s policies are Bush’s policies. Obama just took the game “pro”.

But anyway, last night I posted a status on Facebook, asking what I thought were some pretty valid questions. It has actually gotten a decent response. I was really beginning to wonder if anybody has been seeing my posts lately. I don’t seem to get near as much traffic as I used to. I just figured ZuckerZionist was preventing my posts from reaching everyone. (LOL). Ok, I’m gonna go ahead and read the post here, in case you have not seen it, then address a couple of points regarding it.

Ok Republicans. You did it! Got control of the Senate, kept the House, and took a shitload of Governor Mansions. Now what? Gonna close Gitmo? Repeal ObamaCare? The Patriot Act? NDAA? Common Core? Gonna end all the illegal wars and occupations? Gonna reinstate Posse Comitatus? Gonna get the local cops demilitarized? Gonna audit the Fed? Abolish it? Reign in spending? Cut taxes? Gonna push the UN off into the Atlantic? Gonna put your foots in the asses of the CFR? Going to cut Israel off the tit?

Please, tell us SPECIFICALLY what you tough guys are going to do to “reverse this dangerous course that Obama has set us on”. (That itself always gives me a good chuckle). I mean, you guys are as gullible as the Democrats if you think Obama has done one damn thing different than Bush did. LOL. Anyway, I for one, can’t wait to wake up tomorrow to this “brand new America”.

Now, like I said, many of you who have known me on Facebook for a while, immediately “got it”. You understood 3 important points here.
#1. I didn’t really expect an answer from the newly elected Republican officials.
#2. I damn sure do not expect ANY of these things to change with the “Republican wave”.
#3. My questions were ACTUALLY meant for those of you who VOTED for these jokers and are tickled pink that they won.

And then, of course, there were a couple of folks who simply didn’t “get” my post. One person singled out the “Israel being cut off the tit” question, and ranted on about how the “Bible thumping right” would never do such a thing. Its funny, Israel has been around since 1948, and we’ve had quite a few atheist left wing liberals come and go from the scene. None of them seem to want to stop supporting the terrorist state of Israel either. So, I got a kick out of that criticism of my rant.

And then someone else went off on me for being so stupid to believe there is a difference between the two Parties, and how I should do some research. Oh yeah, I LOL’d on that one for a good 10 minutes. I pointed out to this gentleman, that perhaps he should have scanned up and down my wall for a few minutes BEFORE making his comment. Haven’t heard back from him as of yet.

But overall, most of you really DID “get it”. NOTHING is going to change. You might see some of these new Governors make efforts to nullify Common Core. Hell, even many left leaning educators are finally waking up to that bunch of shit. But really, nothing is going to change. This was all a show to keep you believing you have a voice, and that you have made a “choice”. You haven’t. You’ve still got Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, and the Obama cabinet, chock full of CFR douche bags.  Yes, the Republicans rode in on this massive wave and it sure looks like you have pounded your fists and your voices have been heard. Yea team! Bull shit.  And in two years, when ObamaCare is still in effect, and your rates have continued to increase, and your neighbor is still unemployed, and your kids are still stupid, fat, and lazy, and we are still bombing the shit out of impoverished people in foreign fucking lands, and you can no longer distinguish between the cop walking the beat and the SS StormTroopers, and the Federal Reserve is still counterfeiting you into poverty, and etc., etc., etc., MAYBE you will stop and think, “well, that whacky anarchist long haired freaky fuck Josey Wales might have been onto something”. They LET you vote to keep you feeling like you have a choice. You DON’T.

So long as YOU continue to legitimize their existence, YOU will remain their slaves.  Well, that’s it for this little rant. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you have not already woken up to the stark reality around you, I can only hope this will get you to begin researching the power structure behind the scenes. Folks, your politicians and representatives, are merely window dressing. They are just the television characters. Start examining the REAL masters of the universe, and dig into the REAL agenda going on. Republican/Democrat, Left/Right, Conservative/Liberal, blah blah blah. It don’t mean SHIT.

Oh, and before I forget, I really want to thank all of you who “liked” and “shared” my status update last night. It is becoming more obvious to me that I am not the only one who knows this is all a sham. And I thank you as sincerely as possible, for helping me to spread the message. It can be frustrating not knowing if we are reaching anyone, but I believe we are. Slowly, but surely. Keep up the great work everyone.

Anyway, I’ll get back to working on that CFR video and hopefully post it in the next week or so. Until then, have a wonderful day, and as always…PEACE.

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