How Do You TSU?

Howdy friends. JD, aka Josey Wales here. Many of you have no doubt noticed, as of late, the only thing I have been posting on Facebook is memes inviting you to join me at TSU. And many of you have accepted my invitation, and I am grateful to you for signing up under my link.

Now, I’m not going to pretend I am an expert at TSU, because I’m not. Hell, I’ve only been on for 4 or 5 days myself. But my experience so far has been, this is easy as shit.  I do the exact same things I do on Facebook, however, I am much more methodical about it. I am consciously aware of HOW I am doing the same sht.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from some of you who have signed up under me about how this thing works. So, I’m going to try to walk you through the steps that I personally have been taking and hopefully it clears up any questions or confusion.

The number one question, or complaint, I’ve been getting is, “I’m not making any money”. Ok, the first thing I am going to address is this: I don’t know if ANY of us, INCLUDING myself, are going to get rich on TSU. Hell, I have my doubts about that. But that’s not really the point. The point is, this site is willing to pay you to do what you already do on other sites. For me, that is incentive. Its actually kind of exciting. Who knows where this TYPE of thinking will lead in the future? Maybe other sites will pop up with greater potential. Maybe as TSU evolves, other opportunities will spring from this concept. I don’t know, and at this point, I’m not really concerned. I just know I have spent YEARS on Facebook trying desperately to educate people. Reach an audience. Find like-minded friends who are as committed as I am in waking up the masses. And in this process, I have no doubt I have had some success. But also in this process, I have been (albeit a small part in the overall profits of Facebook), an actual part in building a network on Facebook…FOR Facebook. I mean, what do I have to show for years of spending MY time on Facebook? So, get the whole “get rich quick” mentality behind you and just be excited, as I am, that TSU recognizes that without us, the content creators, there is no network.

Alright, having said that, the question still remains: “I signed up 2 or 3 days ago Josey, and I still don’t even have 1 cent in my bank”. Here is where the methodology comes in folks. Be aware, that while you are doing the same thing as you do on Facebook, there are certain nuances that we are just not accustomed to following. For instance, making “friends”. You make friends on TSU the same way you did on Facebook.  On the left side of the screen, you’ll see..I think its called “Discover Users”. Click it. Or just click on “Feed” and scroll down your wall. I’m sure you will see posts that interest you. Visit the profile of the posters that interest you. “Follow” them or “Friend Request” them. Another thing you can do, is visit the profile page of the person who invited you. Scroll down their wall, and look for “likes” and “comments” from other users. Chances are, they are the kinda people you’re looking to “friend”. Ok, those are probably the easiest ways to get new friends, but that doesn’t do much to build your PERSONAL network, where from what I have seen, is the way you actually make some money.

To build your personal network, which TSU calls your “children”, you need to do some active recruiting. And this is NOT difficult at all.  There are all sorts of ways to do it, including sending private messages to your Facebook friends, emailing people, or just talking about it in threads you are in. But I am going to tell you how I have been doing it, because it has been working for me, and there is no reason why it shouldn’t work for you.

Ok, I found a whole bunch of memes, and I made a whole bunch as well. You can make your own, or feel free to use the ones I’ve made. I created a page on my wordpress site of the ones I’ve collected, and I’ll provide the link to that page at the bottom. You’ll notice that I did NOT include my link within the pictures, because I WANT you all to use them to build YOUR networks. That’s the key folks. In the 4 days I’ve been on TSU, I’ve recruited over 60 “children”. And that is fantastic! However, this is *my* stuck point. It doesn’t seem like many of my children are recruiting their own children to give me grandchildren. (LOL)

Go to my Facebook wall, pick one you like, click “share”, but BEFORE you “send”, edit the link to include YOUR TSU shortcode. Now when YOUR Facebook friends see the meme on YOUR wall, and they sign up, they will sign up as YOUR children. And if you signed up under me, your children become my grandchildren. This is how OUR networks grow.

Like I said, in 4 days, I’ve gotten over 60 children using memes on my Facebook wall. Very simple. Once an hour or so, I post a new one with my shortcode to TSU, and people keep signing up under me. But many of them have just been stopping at that point. OR they have been finding friends on TSU (which is good) but missing the idea of building their network. Get folks to sign up to TSU under YOUR shortcode. Anyway, I hope that helps clear that part up.

Now, TSU has certain rules, which in my opinion, are pretty good. They will not tolerate “spam”, and I’ll address that in a bit, but some important things to remember is you can only post, and share a certain amount in a 24 hour period. This is not as horrible as you might think.

You can post, meaning post your own content, just like you do on Facebook…a picture, a status, a video, an article…whatever, only 24 times within a 24 hour period. So, I tend to post something to my wall about every hour or so. And since I have a TON of information on my wordpress site, I pretty much post from that. But you can post news articles, youtube videos, pictures of your cat or whatever else you typically post on other sites. In my opinion, 24 posts a day, is a good thing. It keeps the “feed” clean. You’re not likely to post the same thing 20 other people have already posted if you are aware of what has already been posted. And that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share what others have posted…you SHOULD. But be wise. You only get to share 8 posts per day from other users. Again, I like this. It causes us to think and be aware of posting QUALITY information. So, to sum this up, you can post 36 times a day, 24 posts of whatever the hell you want, along with 8 shares from other users.

Another thing that helps expose you and gain you followers and friends is simply “liking” other people’s posts, and commenting on posts that interest you. Their friends begin to notice your name and want to follow, friend, and talk with you. Now, you can comment as much as you want, but you can only “like” 1000 times a day. I don’t know about you guys, but 1000 seems like a big enough number that I can live with. I mean, does anybody “like” 1000 posts a day? I don’t know, but definitely DO “like” posts and comments. Like I said, this gets other people to notice your name, and hopefully it draws traffic to your wall.

Now let’s address spam. It is such a subjective term, but there is some things that are just obvious. For instance, the 24 posts per day limit, automatically addresses the most obvious. Those of you who have known me on Facebook for a while, know that sometimes I go on “meme bombs”. Blast the shit out of my wall for hours on end regarding a particular topic. You can’t do that on TSU. But another thing they consider spam is friend/follow begging.

TSU supports hashtags, and I will deal with appropriate and productive ways to use them shortly. But you do NOT want to use them as a way to beg for followers. For example, do NOT comment on someone’s post with #followme or #friendme. TSU will boot your ass.

Hashtags are very useful though, in that people who are interested in a certain subject can easily find others who share their interests. For example, if you post a video regarding Monsanto, you could use the hashtags #monsanto, #populationcontrol, #NewWorldOrder, #gmo, etc. People who like your post can click on your hashtags and find related posts AND other users who are interested in this topic. Keep in mind, you can only use 10 hashtags per post. I normally use 3 or 4, but the limit is 10.

Ok, here is something I want to address before I forget, because it is actually kind of important. You can only “follow” 1000 members. You can only “friend” 5000 members. So it is important that you use these features wisely. There is no limit to the number of people who can follow you, but you can only follow 1000. So you’re asking, “Why is this important?” Well, you DEFINITELY want to friend your “children” and even their children. And when you “friend” someone, you are automatically “following” them. So do NOT waste your “follows” on your “friends”. So make sure, on your profile page, you check your friends often, and if you notice you are also following your friends, unclick “follow”.

Now this something that might not seem important, but it kinda is. Make sure you have a profile picture and a banner for your page. If you don’t, you only appear like you are not worth engaging. Nobody wants to waste their time finding you, if you look like you don’t want to be found. So, upload a profile pic and an appropriate banner that gives people a quick impression of who you are. Fill out your profile as completely as you can. Add your web site if you have one. Add your youtube channel if you have one.

Ok, that’s pretty much all I have right now. Seriously folks, this is not rocket science. You are basically doing the same shit you’ve been doing on Facebook for years. But now, you are possibly a bit more disciplined…certainly more aware of WHY you are doing it. You’re just creating a network of friends, and getting them excited about creating their own network of friends. Still sharing important information…or what you had for dinner. None of that is changing. But now, you can actually earn a few pennies for doing it. Have fun with this. And if you have any questions, hit me up. If I can answer them, I will, but at this point, I’m certain I can find someone who can answer the questions I can’t. Until next time, have a great day…and stay dry.


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