The Machinery of Freedom

The book calls for the abolition or privatization of all government functions, details suggestions for many specific instances of privatization, explores the consequences of libertarian thought, describes examples of libertarian society (such as the Icelandic Commonwealth), and offers the author’s personal statement about why he became a libertarian. Topics addressed in the book include the […]

Anarchism and American Traditions

by Voltairine de Cleyre American traditions, begotten of religious rebellion, small self-sustaining communities, isolated conditions, and hard pioneer life, grew during the colonization period of one hundred and seventy years from the settling of Jamestown to the outburst of the Revolution. This was in fact the great constitution-making epoch, the period of charters guaranteeing more […]

The Dawn Light of Anarchy

MAYDAY — the first of May — is recognized around the world as a day to celebrate international workers’ solidarity. It is often forgotten that this day of commemoration of working class revolutionary awareness originated with the movement for the eight-hour day and the other basic rights of labor that are taken for granted by […]

Feminist History Revisited

Wendy McElroy is an individualist feminist author who co-founded The Voluntaryist with Carl Watner and George H. Smith in 1982. In this lecture, given at Dagny’s Freedom Festival in Englewood, California in 1985, McElroy gives a history of feminism beginning with its modern roots in the American abolitionist movement in the early and mid-1800s. She […]

American History Part Three is proud to present George H. Smith‘s lecture series on American history, given at Dartmouth College in 1983 at one of the first Cato Summer Seminars. Smith provides an intellectual history of the founding and development of the United States from the Declaration of Independence to the Progressive Era. In the third and final […]