14 Hard Questions for Libertarians Answered

What Is This Book?

0002_tom_woodsI launched the Tom Woods Show as a Monday-through-Friday podcast toward the end of September 2013. Ever since I’d started filling in as a guest host on the former Peter Schiff Show in 2011, people had been asking when I’d have my own show. I was flattered, but I was also pretty busy.

Fast forward to late 2013, and the idea seemed more and more attractive. The main reason was this: the work I was doing for Ron Paul’s homeschool curriculum was so time-consuming that I could no longer do the writing and blogging I once did. But if I had a daily program, I could still address the issues of the day, and still feel like I was contributing to the cause, even while my homeschool work was otherwise consuming me.

And incidentally, although I’ll discuss Ron’s homeschool program in Appendix A, let me give you an idea of what’s involved. Each full-year course in this K-12 curriculum runs 36 weeks, with five lessons per week. That’s 180 video lessons per course. Plus edits, finding readings, formulating, assignments, etc. Now multiply all this by three and a half courses, which is what I am creating, and you are at 630 videos on history, economics, and government. It is exhausting. It’s also the most important work I’ve ever done.

So the podcast was a way I could continue to help spread knowledge and information, while still pouring most of my energy into this unbelievable workload.

Now when you cover a different topic in liberty five days a week, week after week, the resulting transcripts amount to a veritable primer on liberty. That’s when it dawned on me to produce free eBooks out of these gems I was producing month after month.

For this eBook in particular I’ve brought together episodes of my show dealing with interesting and controversial topics you’ll need to know about if you’re going to answer critics of liberty.

Let me warn you: some of the answers are quite radical, even for some libertarians. They involve taking the nonaggression principle to its logical conclusion: the stateless society. Even if you can’t follow us that far, I know you’ll find it stimulating to consider these ideas.

Be sure to subscribe to the show (free, of course) on iTunes or Stitcher so you don’t miss your daily serving of liberty education. You can also view the archives at TomWoods.com/episodes.

Happy reading!

14 Hard Questions for Libertarians Answered .pdf file