An Agorist Primer

0009_an_agorist_primerIdeas evolve and grow. At some point, an idea connects with so many other concepts that it becomes central to a way of thinking — an ideology.

At some state of an ideology’s life, between its birth and death, it reaches a level of maturity such that someone is motivated to divert his efforts from expanding it outward and upward and begins to look downward. That is, the theoretician pauses to pass on the knowledge to those not specializing in theoretical development. Perhaps the theoretician is reminded for whom he developed the ideology in the first place.

Agorism is a way of thinking about the world around you, a method of understanding why things work the way they do, how they do, and how they can be dealt with — how you can deal with them.

Agorism was meant to improve the lot of everyone, not a chosen elite or unwashed underclass. Hence an introductory work that presents ideas without going through the long intellectual history and conflict of competing ideas that produced them. As the creator of agorism, it is most incumbent on me first to attempt to reduce it to basic intelligibility. I hope my efforts find some small reward.

-Samuel Edward Konkin III

An Agorist Primer .pdf file