IV. Revolution: Our Strategy

0003_s_e_k_agoraOur condition has been analyzed, our goal perceived, the mechanism has been spelled out and a set of pathways have been mapped out. Should we simply go counter-economic ourselves, educate ourselves in libertarianism and inform others by word and deed, we shall reach our libertarian society. Indeed, this is sufficient for most people and enough to be expected. No New Libertarian should ever berate libertarian counter-economists for not doing more. They are agorists and will get there in their own time.

But even these simple agorists may wish to contribute to entrepreneurs specializing in accelerating the movement to the agorist society from statism. And others, perceiving rising inflation heading to economic collapse or gathering clouds of war, will want something done about it. Finally, the counter-attacks of the State which subvert the agorist sub-society and lure libertarians into false paths must be combatted. These tasks define the field for the New Libertarian activist. [1]

Again, for those who wish only to live their lives as free as possible and associate with others like-minded, counter-economic libertarianism is sufficient. No more is needed.

But for those who want to support in whatever way they can those heroic entrepreneurs who specialize in recruiting for the agora, deal with State-caused catastrophes, and combat statists within and without, a guide is needed to select those who are “doing something worthwhile” from those spinning their wheels and those actually counter-productive (i.e. counter-revolutionary) to achieving more freedom. And for those like this author, who burn for Liberty and wish to devote themselves to that life’s work, a strategy is essential. What follows, then, is the New Libertarian Strategy. [2]

The New Libertarian activist must keep in mind that actual defense against the State is impossible until the counter-economy has generated the syndicates of protection agencies sufficiently large to defend against the remnant of the State. This will occur only at the “phase transition” between the third and fourth steps leading back from our statism to agorism (Chapter 3).

Each step from statism to agorism requires a different strategy; tactics will differ even within each step. There are some rules which will apply in all stages.

Under all circumstances, one recruits and educates. Given typically confused individual acquaintances who consider a counter-economic act, encourage them to do it. If they are intelligent enough and not likely to turn on you, explain risks involved and return expected. Most of all, educate them by your example to the extent you can let them know.

All “Library Libertarians” you know, those who profess some theoretical variant of libertarianism but eschew practice, should be encouraged to practice what they preach. Scorn their inaction, praise their first halting steps towards countereconomics. Interact with them more and more as trust grows with their competence and experience.

Those already in counter-economics whom you meet can be “let in on” the libertarian philosophy that you hold, that mysterious belief you hold which keeps you so happy and free of guilt. Drop it nonchalantly if they feign lack of interest: wax enthusiastic as they grow more curious and eager to learn.

Self agorism by example and argument. Control and program your emotional reactions to exhibit hostility at statism and deviationism, and to exhibit enthusiasm and joy at agorist acts and the State’s setbacks. Most of these tactics will come with routine but you can check yourself to polish a few things.

Finally, co-ordinate your activities with other New Libertarian activists. At this point, we arrive at the need for group tactics and organization.

Many worthy libertarians argue that the market structures of businesses, partnerships and joint-stock companies [3] provide all the organization necessary or desirable; save maybe for personal mating or socializing. In one sense they are correct in that all structures must be market-compatible or be inconsistent with agorism. In another sense, they are guilty of a lack of imagination and a concern of form over substance.

In an agorist society, division of labor and self-respect of each worker-capitalistentrepreneur will probably eliminate the traditional business organization – especially the corporate hierarchy, an imitation of the State and not the Market. Most companies will be associations of independent contractors, consultants, and other companies. Many may be just one entrepreneur and all his services, computers, suppliers and customers. This mode of operation is already around and growing in the freer segments of Western economies.

Thus an association of entrepreneurs of liberty for the purpose of specializing, coordinating and delivering libertarian activities is no violation of the market and may well be optimal. The traditional name for a handling together of sovereign units for a goal and then disbanding is an alliance. Hence the basic organization for New Libertarian activists is the New Libertarian Alliance. [4]

The organization of NLA (or NLAs) is simple and should avoid turning into a political organ or even an authoritarian organization. Rather than officers, what are needed are tacticians (local coordinators with competency in tactical planning) and strategists (regional coordinators with competency in strategic thinking). A New Libertarian Ally does not follow a tactician or strategist but rather “buys” their argument and expertise. Anyone offering a better plan can replace the previous planner. Tactics and strategy should be “bought and sold” by the Allies like any other commodity in consistent agorist fashion.

Even though these labels are borrowed from military history and do correspond to a form of combat, never forget that actual physical confrontation with the State’s enforcers must await the market’s generation of protection agency syndicates of sufficient strength; all else is premature. [5]

What is the global strategy, continental strategy, and local tactics for an NLA to optimally pursue? Again, let’s look at the four steps from – or to – agora from Statism. The first three are actually rather artificial divisions; no abrupt change occurs from first to second to third. As will be shown, it is most probable that the transition from the third to fourth step will be quite sudden, though it is not required by the nature of the agora; rather, the convulsion will be caused by the nature of the State. In fact, all violence, unrest, instability and dislocations are caused by the State – never fomented by New Libertarians.

Heed well, you who would be a paladin of Liberty: never initiate any act of violence regardless how likely a “libertarian” result may appear. To do so is to reduce yourself to a statist. There are no exceptions to this rule. Either you are fundamentally consistent or not. A New Libertarian is fundamentally consistent and one who is not fundamentally consistent is not a New Libertarian. [6]

But using New Libertarian analysis, one can predict the likely outbreak of statist aggression and move to head it off by exposure or even defend or evacuate the victims. One can also predict the probable outcomes of deviations by libertarian groups and either head off the sell-outs and disasters or win respect for one’s foresight and that of New Libertarianism from potential recruits. Let the State be the forest fire; the NLA are the smoke-eaters who know how it burns, how to firebreak, how the winds of change affect it, where the sparks may fly, and finally, how to extinguish it.

With this in mind, let us label the steps to agora as four phases and outline the appropriate strategy for each.

Phase 0: Zero-Density Agorist Society

In this phase, most of human history, no agorists exist, only scattered libertarians or proto-libertarians thinking and practicing counter-economists. The moment someone reads this manifesto and wishes to apply it, we have moved to the next phase. All that can be done in Phase 0 is slow evolution of consciousness, hit and miss development, and a lot of frustrating dichotomies.

Until you – the first agorist in a Phase 0 situation – have added to your number, your only strategy can be to increase your numbers, as well as live counter-economically yourself. The best form of organization is a Libertarian Alliance in which you steer the members from political activity (where they have blindly gone seeking relief from oppression) and focus on education, publicity, recruitment and perhaps some antipolitical campaigning (i.e. “Vote For Nobody,” “None of the Above”, “Boycott the Ballot,” “Don’t Vote, It Only Encourages Them!” etc.) to publicize the libertarian alternative. An LA may take stands on issues agreed on, but insist on unanimity. Only the most clearly libertarian stands will be taken and you can always veto a deviationist stance. Always encourage tendencies towards “hard-core” (consistent) position and scorn “soft-core” (inconsistent) ones.

Phase 1: Low-Density Agorist Society

The first counter-economic libertarians appear in this phase and the first serious splits in the Libertarian movement occur. Since few libertarians are very consistent yet, deviationism will run rife and tend to overwhelm activism. “Get-Liberty-quick” schemes from anarchozionism (running away to a Promised Land of Liberty) to political opportunism will seduce the impatient and sway the incompletely informed. All will fail if for no other reason than Liberty grows individual by individual. Mass conversion is impossible. There is one exception – radicalization by statist attack against a collective. Even so, it requires entrepreneurs of Liberty to have sufficiently informed the persecuted collective so that they lase coherently libertarian-ward rather than scatter randomly or worse, flow into out-of-power statism. These Crises of Statism are spontaneous and predictable – but cannot be caused by moral, consistent libertarians.

The strategy of the first New Libertarians is to combat anti-principles which strengthen the State and dissipate anarchist energy uselessly. The general strategy outlines previously applies; get libertarians into counter-economics and get the most active of the agorists to get counter-economists into libertarianism.

The proto-New Libertarians may work within existing organizations and clubs of Libertarians as “radical caucuses,” ginger groups, or as a “Libertarian Left” faction in general. An NLA is premature here because it is not yet self-sustaining.

What can be successfully built is – under whatever label seems most conducive for recruitment – a Movement of the Libertarian Left. Such a Movement is itself a mixed bag of individuals of varying “hardness of core” but they are tending or moving towards the ideal of New Libertarianism. Even within MLL structure should be deemphasized. The most New Libertarian will be the most competent to coordinate and plan; that is, those of highest understanding and practice of agorism and greatest zeal for action will naturally direct resources. Each MLLer, like each NL. ally, spends his or her own outsources and decides whether or not to accept a tactician or strategist’s advice and planning, as any entrepreneur would do with any informed consultant. Some pseudo-political public trappings may be necessary to utilize public forums and media access; also, most people will not understand your marketorganization unless you translate it in pseudo-political terminology and back again.

At this point, in the latter stages of Phase 1 and with a functioning MLL large enough, these hard-core dedicated “cadre” can apply leverage to sway larger groups of semiconverted quasi-libertarians to actually block marginal actions by the State. This is a high-expenditure, “quick gain,” but low long-range yield tactic and should be rare. (It will be covered later; basically, stave off war and mass extermination of libertarians.)

Following all these activities, radicalizing the libertarians, and evolving the NLA. That is all one can accomplish.

Phase 2: Mid-Density, Small Condensation Agorist Society

At this point the statists take notice of agorism. While before libertarians could be manipulated by one ruling faction to the detriment of another (sort of anti-market “competition,” played with ballots and bullets rather than innovation and pricing), they will start to be perceived as a a threat. Pogroms (mass arrests) may even occur, although that is unlikely. Remember, most agorists are embedded in the rest of society and associating with them are partially-converted libertarians and countereconomists. In order to reach this phase, the entire society has been contaminated by agorism to a degree. Thus it is now possible for the first “ghettos” or districts of agorists to appear and count on the sympathy of the rest of society to restrain the State from a mass attack. [7]

These communities, whether above or underground, can now sustain the New Libertarian Alliance, NLA acts as spokesman for the agora with the statist society, using every chance to publicize the superiority of agorist living to statist inhabiting and perhaps argue for tolerance of those with “different ways.” [8]

In this phase, the agorist society is vulnerable to statist regression of the populace. Thus the agorists, whether visible or not, have a high incentive to at least maintain the present level of libertarian consciousness among the rest of the populace. This being done most expertly by the NLA (one way to define who the NLA is at this phase), the NLA has its sustenance and its mission. But in addition to “defending” the agorist sub-society, it can work towards accelerating the next evolutionary step.

Phase 3: High-Density, Large Condensation, Agorist Society

In this phase, the State moves into a series of terminal crises, somewhat analogous to the well-known Marxist scenario, but with different causes – in this case, real ones. Fortunately, the potential for damage has been drastically decreased by the sapping of the State’s resources and corrosion of its authority by the growth of the CounterEconomy.

In fact, as the resources of the economy approach equality between the State and Agora, the State is pushed into crisis. Wars and rampant inflation with depressions and crack-ups become perpetual as the State attempts to redeem its authority. It may be possible to reverse its decline by corrupting the agora with deductive antiprinciples, so the NLA’s first task is clear: to maintain vigilance and purity of thought. In this phase, the NLA may no longer hold either label or much of its old form. The most motivated New Libertarians will move into the research and development supply for the budding agorist protection and arbitration agencies and lastly as directors of the protection company syndicates.

The situation now approaches revolution but is still reversible. [9] Again the New Libertarians are in the forefront of maintaining and defending gains to this point, but looking ahead to the next phase.

The NLA (now just a collective term for the most forward-looking elements) can accelerate the process by discovering and developing the optimal methods of protection and defense, both by word and deed, for their industry and entrepreneuring its innovations.

At this phase transition between 3 and 4 we have the last unleashing of violence by the Ruling Class of the State to suppress those elements that would bring them to justice for all past state crimes. The State’s intellectuals perceive that its authority has failed and all will be lost; things must be reversed now or never. The NLA must prevent premature awareness of this status or premature action on this awareness. This is the final strategic goal of the NLA.

When the State unleashes its final wave of suppression – and is successfully resisted – this is the definition of Revolution. Once realization has occurred that the State no longer can plunder and pay-of its parasitical class, the enforcers will switch sides to those better able to pay them and the State will rapidly implode into a series of pockets of Statism in backward area – if any. [10]

Phase 4: Agorist Society with Statist Impurities

The collapse of the State leaves only mopping up operations. Since the insurance and protection companies see no State to defend against, the syndicate of allied protectors collapses into competition and the NLA – its support gone – dissolves.

Statists apprehended pay restoration and if they live long enough to discharge their debts, are re-integrated as productive entrepreneurs (Their “training” comes automatically as they work off their debt.)

We’re home (Chapter 2)! New Libertarianism is taken for granted as the basis of ordinary life and we tackle the other problems facing mankind.


I. Statism: Our Condition Libertarianism v coercion. The nature of the State. Constituents of libertarianism and diversity of Movement. The State strikes back: anti-principles. Ways and not-ways to Liberty. Betrayal and response, action over all.

II. Agorism: Our Goal Consistency of ends, of means, of ends and means. Portrayal of agorist society. Restoration theory: restitution, time loss and apprehension cost; inherent advantages. Agorism defined. Objections countered.

III. Counter-Economics: Our Means Micro activity and macro consequences. Agorists: counter-economists with libertarian consciousness. The purpose of “Establishment” economics. Step by step backward from agorism to statism (for theoretical purposes). Black and grey markets: the unconscious agora. “Third,” “Second,” and “First” World Counter-Economic status and grossest examples. Counter-Economics in all fields of commerce even in North America, some exclusively counter-economic. Universality of Counter-Economics and reasons for it. Limitation of counter- economics and reasons. The role of the intelligentsia and Establishment media. Failure of counter-cultures and the key to success. Steps from statism to agorism and the risk of market protection. The fundamental principle of counter-economics. The reason for inevitable growth of agorist counter- economic sub-society.

IV. Revolution: Our Strategy Self-aware counter-economics enough but some burn to do more – fight or support struggle. Combativity inadequate without strategy. Phases of agorist growth decide appropriate strategy. Tactics that are always appropriate. New Libertarian Alliance as association for entrepreneuring Liberty. Libertarian creed is constraint of New Libertarian tactics. Phase 0: Zero-Density Agorist Society. Raise consciousness. Phase 1: Low-Density Agorist Society. Radical caucuses and Libertarian Left. Combat anti-principles. Anticipate crises of statism. Phase 2: Mid-Density, Small Condensation Agorist Society. The State to strike back but restrained by agorist contamination. NLA appears as its sustenance arrives. Accelerating revolutionary conditions. Phase 3: High- Density, Large Condensation Agorist Society. Permanent crisis of statism. Need to crush counter-economy grows as ability wanes. Antiprinciples greatest threat. The State’s final strike: Revolution. Strategy includes delaying tactics and counter-intelligence. Correct definition of (violent) Revolution. Phase 4: Agorist Society with Statist Impurities. Collapse of the State and simultaneous dissolution of NLA. Home!

V. Action: Our Tactics Some tactics listed. Tactics must be discovered and applied in context. Activist = entrepreneur. Where we are not (then). Opportunity from collapse of statist Left. Opportunity from premature party sell-out. The concluding challenge. New Libertarian pledge and rousing finish: Agora, Anarchy, Action!

Footnotes ——–

[1] Many agorists such as Pyro Egon have challenged the New Libertarians on this point. As far as they are concerned, the manifesto this far is the entire program and any further “activism” is “movementism” and leads one ineluctably back towards statism.
[2] New Libertarian Strategy is the newsletter of the Movement of the Libertarian Left – not coincidentally.
[3] But not a “corporation” which is a fictitious “individual” created by the State and endowed with privileges. Some privileges besides subsidies and tariffs are special tax rates, limited liability, exemption from regulation, licenses, and legal benefits in court disputes. True, they have some drawbacks but none compares to an unincorporated white-market business.
[4] The first New Libertarian Alliance was formed, prematurely in many respects, by this author in 1974 from recruits from a raid on the “L”P, from other movement activists, and a few counter-economists. The market proved less than ready for a growth in this business and so the NLA to date has spent most of its energies towards building that market. Any band of New Libertarians can call themselves a New Libertarian Alliances without “official authorization;” most will surely wish to co-ordinate themselves with other NLA groups and try to agree on common strategy, though tactics may differ from different conditions of the Allies.
[5] This mode of NLA organization worked well for the Long Beach chapter that kept it constantly in practice. Regional strategy was not fully “shaken down” by practice but no other NLA group maintained that high a level of committed Allies who were constantly developing and working that theory. As for armies, it should be noted that Nestor Makhno ran an army in fairly anarchist manner with a small core of officers and complete volunteers filling the ranks when needed or convinced of the need. He fought Reds and Whites successfully in the Ukraine 1918-20 until overwhelmed by weight of numbers of the victorious Red statists combining the full resources of a continent against him.
[6] No membership or credentials is needed or desirable for the NLA. Of course, one may make a list of those with whom to gather and plan, and to whom to mail communications. But there is nothing sacred or special about such lists; they are merely one strategist or tactician’s judgment. One cannot be purged from NLA. One is either a New Libertarian or not according to the evidence provided by one’s acts; every other Ally must judge for themselves. All who accept you as a New Libertarian are in Alliance with you; those who reject you are not, though you may be in Alliance with others.
[7] Premature appearance of agorist communities will lead to their suppression violently by the State. The NLA must defend those which can be saved when historical conditions are marginal and warn and evacuate those which are doomed.
[8] It is still within the limits of New Libertarian morality to point out to one faction of the Higher Circles that the agorist existence benefits them ore than the other faction. While no statist can ever be aided in plunder and murder, and even allying with one statist against another consumes scarce resources for the outcome of merely trading oppressors, the New Libertarian can perceive that simply by existing and conducting usual business, the agorist activity is relatively more detrimental to one group of statists over another. A good rule of thumb to the tactic of playing off ruling groups is to make sure that no more resources are devoted to it than extra statements based in regular publication and media exposure for more important work…and private conversations, if one frequents those social circles. This tactic fails when the agorist society is perceived as too threatening; then all statist factions unite to save their skins.
[9] Let’s say one region is highly agorist and the rest more primitive. Resources may be transferred by the State to crush this premature and localized (thus vulnerable) agora. This applies to Phase 2 even more.
[10] Some will argue that the State may collapse peacefully when the statists see the end approaching. If statists were so reasonable about not resorting to force because of market alternatives, they wouldn’t be statists. Revolution is as inevitable as any human action can be.