New Libertarian Manifesto

0004_new_libertarian_manifestoby Samuel Edward Konkin III

Koman Publishing, 1983 Dedication to Chris R. Tame who told me, “Don’t get it right, get it written!”

Acknowledgments above all to
Ludwig Von Mises,
Murray N. Rothbard,
Robert LeFevre,
• and their sources.

1. st Printing by Anarchosamisdat Press – October 1980
2. nd Printing by Koman Publishing Co. – February 1983
Printed at Morningrise Printing


Preface to the First Edition

The basic form of new Libertarianism arose during my struggle with the Libertarian Party during its formation in 1973, and Counter-Economics was first put forward to the public at the Free Enterprise Forum in Los Angeles in February 1974. New Libertarianism has been propagated within and without the libertarian movement and its journals, most notably New Libertarian magazine, since then. More importantly, the activism prescribed herein (especially Counter-Economics) has been practiced by the author and his closest allies since 1975. Several “anarchovillages” of New Libertarians have formed and reformed. Just once, wouldn’t you like to read a manifesto that’s been practiced before it’s preached? I wanted to. And I did it.
-Samuel Edward Konkin III October 1980-

Preface to the Second Edition

An agorist publication ought to be judged most severely in the free marketplace. Sure enough, the first edition of New Libertarian Manifesto has been sold out and a second edition, taken up by a fresh entrepreneur looking for profit with his ideology, is with you, the reader. The market’s judgement, to my pleasant surprise, is that NLM is the most successful of my many publications. In the realm of ideas, two years is a fairly short time. Nevertheless, attacks on NLM have begun in Left-Center Libertarian publications and one such student network newsletter berated errant chapters for switching allegiance to “that flake, Konkin” only last month. Essays and articles on Counter-Economics and agorism appear in more and more non-Left (or non-agorist – yet) libertarian publications. A truly encouraging sign is the emergence of many Counter-Economic entrepreneurs in the Southern California area (and a few scattered around North America and even Europe) who embrace and distribute NLM. An agorist “industrial park” has been condensing quietly in Orange County between these two editions. This continuing gratification is not idly enjoyed. It has inspired the author to continue the dialogue in two issues of a theoretical journal based on NLM, the writing of CounterEconomics (see footnote 3, chapter III), and the planning of a theoretical magnum opus, as Das Capital was to the Communist Manifesto, undoubtedly to be titled Agorism. As for continuing to practice what I preach and expanding on the practice, I may add to the end of the First Preface… And I’m still doing it.
-Samuel Edward Konkin III February 1983-



I. Statism: Our Condition Libertarianism v coercion. The nature of the State. Constituents of libertarianism and diversity of Movement. The State strikes back: anti-principles. Ways and not-ways to Liberty. Betrayal and response, action over all.

II. Agorism: Our Goal Consistency of ends, of means, of ends and means. Portrayal of agorist society. Restoration theory: restitution, time loss and apprehension cost; inherent advantages. Agorism defined. Objections countered.

III. Counter-Economics: Our Means Micro activity and macro consequences. Agorists: counter-economists with libertarian consciousness. The purpose of “Establishment” economics. Step by step backward from agorism to statism (for theoretical purposes). Black and grey markets: the unconscious agora. “Third,” “Second,” and “First” World Counter-Economic status and grossest examples. Counter-Economics in all fields of commerce even in North America, some exclusively counter-economic. Universality of Counter-Economics and reasons for it. Limitation of counter- economics and reasons. The role of the intelligentsia and Establishment media. Failure of counter-cultures and the key to success. Steps from statism to agorism and the risk of market protection. The fundamental principle of counter-economics. The reason for inevitable growth of agorist counter- economic sub-society.

IV. Revolution: Our Strategy Self-aware counter-economics enough but some burn to do more – fight or support struggle. Combativity inadequate without strategy. Phases of agorist growth decide appropriate strategy. Tactics that are always appropriate. New Libertarian Alliance as association for entrepreneuring Liberty. Libertarian creed is constraint of New Libertarian tactics. Phase 0: Zero-Density Agorist Society. Raise consciousness. Phase 1: Low-Density Agorist Society. Radical caucuses and Libertarian Left. Combat anti-principles. Anticipate crises of statism. Phase 2: Mid-Density, Small Condensation Agorist Society. The State to strike back but restrained by agorist contamination. NLA appears as its sustenance arrives. Accelerating revolutionary conditions. Phase 3: High- Density, Large Condensation Agorist Society. Permanent crisis of statism. Need to crush counter-economy grows as ability wanes. Antiprinciples greatest threat. The State’s final strike: Revolution. Strategy includes delaying tactics and counter-intelligence. Correct definition of (violent) Revolution. Phase 4: Agorist Society with Statist Impurities. Collapse of the State and simultaneous dissolution of NLA. Home!

V. Action: Our Tactics Some tactics listed. Tactics must be discovered and applied in context. Activist = entrepreneur. Where we are not (then). Opportunity from collapse of statist Left. Opportunity from premature party sell-out. The concluding challenge. New Libertarian pledge and rousing finish: Agora, Anarchy, Action!

“Konkin’s writings are to be welcomed. Because we need a lot more polycentrism in the movement. Because he shakes up Partyarchs who tend to fall into unthinking complacency. And especially because he cares deeply about liberty and can read-and-write, qualities which seem to be going out of style in the libertarian movement.”
-Murray N. Rothbard, Ph.D.-

“I am delighted to see the Konkin Manifesto and can applaud it in general for its position respecting consistency, objective and method…I believe it will have and deserves to have a compelling influences upon members of the ‘old’ left.”
-Robert LeFevre-