The Movement of the Libertarian Left

0007_movement_libertarian_leftIntroducing the MOVEMENT OF THE LIBERTARIAN LEFT

Who Are You?

The Movement of the Libertarian Left is the organized part of the broader libertarian movement for those of radical commitment. Most libertarian groups are education-oriented; MLL is action-oriented. Therefore, we differ from other libertarian groups by being organized on a strategic basis of cells, tacticians, and strategists, rather than on educational or “business” bases. MLL — unlike political “Libertarian” organizations— does not compromise on ends or means.

What’s “Libertarian”?

A huge abundance of literature on this subject now exists, and we will be glad to answer any questions you have on this large, complex, thorough, and principled understanding of human relations called “libertarianism.”

Complicated as it seems at first glance, libertarianism is based on one startlingly simple premise: uncompromising commitment to individual liberty! This is often stated for logical precision as the “non-aggression principle” thusly:

No one has the right to initiate violence or coercion (the threat of violence) against another’s life and property.

The complexity of libertarianism arises from the applicability of this principle to nearly every facet of human action; the effectiveness of libertarianism comes from this single, easy-to- grasp, overriding rule; and the ethical beauty of libertarianism is in what it says nothing about: the personal conduct of your own life and disposal of your own property.

Why Are You “Left Libertarian”?

MLL is Left both inside and out. “Left,” from earliest political times, has meant “anti-establishment.” Consistent libertarians wish to abolish the State and its parasitic class of bureaucrats, politicians, subsidized businessmen, privileged labor leaders, and military mass murderers. This puts us, in most political lexicons, on the Left; since it is anarchist, it places us on the Far Left.

Still, we are Libertarian Left and not “socialist” Left. Socialism, regardless of the size of its present following, has never had a monopoly on the term Left, and often has been a minor part of the whole anti-establishment resistance movement.Today, social democracy and communism are the establishment of most of the world’s states. MLL opposes all states, even if their rulers call themselves Leftist (in self-contradiction). Those who wish to live communally or in association with workers (or anybody else) are free to do so in a libertarian society. MLL stands economically for a Free Market position so free as to make an ultra-conservative look like a galloping socialist or fascist.

Struggling for a Libertarian Left externally, we fight for radicalization of the libertarian movement internally. We are uncompromising agorists— those who utilize only peaceful trade and voluntary interactions to attain our goals. Much of the present libertarian movement is rotten with corruption, compromise, conservatism, co-opting, and cowardice. MLL exposes mercilessly the fraudulent proposals to elect politicians to abolish politics, to appoint bureaucrats to abolish bureaucracy, and to govern to abolish government. We fight tooth and nail against those who would attempt to monopolize a free market, create an Establishment in an anarchy, and debilitate our actions with political pseudo-action.

To sum up, we work to create a libertarian-influenced Left and a Libertarian left-wing; thus we are the Movement of the Libertarian Left.

What Are Your Goals?

In the short-term, MLL is working on specific goals in concert with other Left and Libertarian groups. You can work on your own projects and pass on the word to other MLL activists. You can work together with other MLL activists in a tactical unit (cell) and have one or more tacticians for coordination. The cells can ally for regional coordination with a regional strategist. The continental strategy is mapped out in New Libertarian Manifesto, by Samuel Edward Konkin III.

There is no party line; disagreement is always “permitted”; anyone may reject any suggested project or suggest the next. Strategists and tacticians sell their services and are only as good as their last sale. There are no leaders. Freedom in action follows from freedom in theory.

In the medium range, MLL is building a New Libertarian Alliance (Revolutionary Agorist Cadre) of defenders of the counter-economy (the under- ground free market, often called “gray” and “black” market). The State “withers away” as each individual secedes from the statist society and goes counter- economic. MLL is the interface between existing proto-agorist organizations and the Revolutionary Agorist Cadre. Medium range is less than 20 years.

In the long range, the counter-economy will overwhelm State Capitalism and State Socialism to produce a society based on voluntary interaction with a minimal amount of self-defense needed which can be handled by ordinary market facilities. This society of free trade in goods and values is the agora.

The death of politics eliminates the monopoly of legitimized coercion (the State); a stateless society is anarchy. Our long-term politico-economic goals are summed up in our slogan:


We work with everyone who struggles against the State and its privileged class while we maximize our personal freedom. Isn’t this the way a Resistance should be run? Join us!