Chapter 13 Intersections of Islam and Anarchism

The following are two guest essays selected from Davi Barker’s excellent book “Voluntary Islam” Islam and the discovery of freedom I read the entirety of “Islam and the Discovery of Freedom” by Rose Wilder Lane on a direct flight from San Francisco to New Hampshire. I literally cried as she chronicled the great liberty of […]

Chapter 12 Intersections of Christianity and Anarchism

There is no doubt that unimaginable suffering and division have been caused by the political organizations that formed around Christianity, Judaism, Islam and the other religions of the world. However, as we intend to explore in the following chapters, there is ample evidence suggesting that these religions all carry knowledge from similar ancient teachings, but […]

Chapter 11 Intersections of Shamanism and Anarchism

A discussion on the concepts of freedom would not be complete without an understanding of the Shaman and his spiritual teachings. A Shaman is quite simply a teacher and a student. A shaman is an individual who uses a variety of methods to communicate with the universe and the spiritual world. Shamans have been known […]