Derrick Broze
This book would not have been possible without the many amazing, supportive people I have been blessed to meet on my path. There are far too many to name them all so I apologize ahead of time if you do not see your name here. First off, Thank You to the Great Spirit that moves in all life. Thank you to my family for always being supportive. Thank you to Be Amor for constant love, companionship, and encouragement. Without you I could not have made this journey. A special thanks to Micah Jackson for valuable insight and education on philosophy. A big thanks to The Conscious Resistance Network team: Damon Shaw, Danilo Cuellar, Katy DeFazio, Francis Ysdoras, Brandon BC, Tryp, Jeffer Thomasson, Anthony Aguero, Sam Wagner, Michael King, and of course Neil Radimaker. And in no particular order thank you to the following people for inspiration and strength: Adam Kokesh, Ben Swann, John Bush, Catherine Bleish, Danny Panzella, Huang Po, John Trudell, Samuel E. Konkin III, Joe Martino of, Ernesto Jara, Jade The Creator, Oskar Yetzirah, Joe Medina, Paul Osman, Cody Adams, Colin Staffieri, my brothers in MANINKARI, Dillon Loftus, Edgar Amador, Britney Miranda, Jacquelyn Samperi, Richard Dee, Joe Zenner, Randa Fox, Hailey Spates, Alex Fischer, and Rosie Soto. Thank you to all the Houston Free Thinkers and my spiritual family for holding it down in H-Town. And lastly, thank you to my brother John Vibes for joining me on this important piece of work and all of the financial contributors who made this project a reality.

John Vibes
This list will be short because I have had so many great people help me along my path that I don’t want to risk leaving any of them out. However, I would like to give a special thanks to the sites that I currently write for,,,,,, as well as the sites that gave me my start, and I would also like to thank Mark Passio for his confidence in entrusting me with the Free Your Mind Conference and Bob Tuskin for giving me my first radio interview. None of this would be accomplished if it was not for my wife and family, so I am eternally grateful for their support and guidance. And lastly, thank you to my brother Derrick Broze for joining me on this important piece of work and all of the financial contributors who made this project a reality.

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