I am a huge fan of the “God damn it!” explained.

I am a huge fan of the “God damn it!” Seems I’ve always used the expression, because as far back as I can remember, I have always heard it. To me, “God damn it!” was like “the sky is blue”, OR “it is raining”. One day one is true, and the next the other is true, but “God damn it!” works for both. There has just never been anything weird, within almost any conversation, to hear or say that expression, at least once. One day it is sunny and “God damn it!, it’s a God DAMN nice day!” Then the next god damn day, it’s raining like piss pouring from a whore’s boot, and “God damn it! Honey….PLEASE let me in!!! I’m sorry.”

Now “fuck” and all the gazillion ways you can use that word, with all its variations, was not reeeeeeal common in my childhood home. (Away from home, it was actually pretty normal-speak). Pop would slip up once in a while with a “fuck”, or a “fuck you”, but he really tried to refrain from the whole “fuck” jazz around us kids, and I swear, (I saw my dad PLENTY pissed),  I can’t remember my dad ever using any form of “fuck” towards my mother.

Speaking of mom, I never realized she had even heard the word “fuck” until I was around 16.  As for using the word, I don’t remember hearing her say it until right about that same moment. (lol Yes, it was my fault…I made my mom say “fuck!”)

But let’s get back to “God damn it!”.

I say it…like lots. I was at the nursery a few mornings ago, watering the plants, and shot myself in the face with water. Hahahaha. And yep, “God damn it!” was the FIRST and NATURAL response from me. I wasn’t angry at any person. I wasn’t even angry at the hose, the extensions, the nozzle, the pump, etc. I wasn’t even angry at myself, or anything. It was just my first, and natural response…reflex.

But at that moment, for some reason, it actually occurred to me, that *I* use that term an awful lot. So, I’ve spent the last couple days since consciously trying to notice how much I say “God damn it!”.

I have concluded, after exhausting days of relentless research, with no funding, or staff, I am a huge fan of the “God damn it!”