About “Josey Wales”


I no longer can justify believing there is any legitimate reason for government. I have not abandoned the principles of libertarianism. I have merely taken the plunge from minarchy to anarchy. I believe humans can live peacefully among one another without coercion from a state, we just don’t seem willing to. I do not recognize any authority over me whatsoever.

Since my Facebook account keeps getting reported by cowards who are scared shitless of FREEDOM, I have been forced to create a backup Facebook “page”. Please stop by and give it a “like”.

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2 thoughts on “About “Josey Wales”

  1. I always liked the movie ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales’, probably the only film I’ve ever seen that shows what a bunch of bastards the Union were.
    I recommend checking out David Gordon’s lecture on Objectivist Epistemology over at Mises.org or on their Youtube channel.
    Check out my blog, I post Objectivist and market anarchist stuff fairly regularly.

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