A Biography of David Bergland

David Peter Bergland received the United States Libertarian Party’s nomination for the 1984 presidential election. Bergland and his running mate Jim Lewis received 228,111 (0.3%). He received the party’s vice-presidential nomination in the 1976 presidential election, sharing the ticket with Roger MacBride. The MacBride/Bergland ticket received 172,553 votes (0.2%). He served as the party’s national chair […]

Libertarianism in One Lesson

by David Bergland PREFACE TO THE FIFTH EDITION The first edition of Libertarianism In One Lesson was written in 1984 during my Libertarian Party presidential campaign. I wanted it to serve as an unintimidating first look into that uniquely American philosophy of freedom, which has come to be known as libertarianism, and to acquaint readers with the Libertarian Party. I […]