Meet Jethro

I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our family. Jethro is a 4 1/2 year old, 90 lb. Harrier. When Lynne asked me if she could adopt a dog, as my Christmas gift to her, I said, “sure, if it makes you happy, do it”. Of course, at the time, I was […]

How Do You TSU?

Howdy friends. JD, aka Josey Wales here. Many of you have no doubt noticed, as of late, the only thing I have been posting on Facebook is memes inviting you to join me at TSU. And many of you have accepted my invitation, and I am grateful to you for signing up under my link. […]

Republican Wave 2014

Good morning everyone. This is my second YouTube video, and if you’ve not seen my first (which was basically just an introduction of who I am), you can check it out on my YouTube channel or WordPress site. I’ve posted the links below. I’ve been working over the last week or so, on a project […]

Josey Wales intro YouTube

Howdy folks. JD, aka “Josey Wales” here. I got bored last night and was dicking around and figured out how to operate the webcam on my laptop. Since then, I got to thinking, “maybe I should make some YouTube videos and post them on my WordPress site”.  So, this morning I was checking out YouTube […]

Short Rant on Voting

If you still deny the comparison to today’s U.S.A. and EVERY dictatorship in history, you are just hopelessly lost and probably should just board the cattle cars tomorrow morning. You cannot simply vote away this problem. I don’t give a damn who you put in the White House in 2016, NOTHING will be done to […]