The Conquest of Poverty

Long before Charles Murray took on the topic, Henry Hazlitt wrote an outstanding book on poverty that not only provided an empirical examination of the problem but also presented a rigorous theory for understanding the relationship between poverty and income growth. He examines poverty in the ancient world, the poor laws of England, the advance […]

Thinking as a Science

It’s incredible that this 1916 tutorial on how to think, by none other than Henry Hazlitt, would still hold up after all these years. But here’s why. Hazlitt was largely self-educated. He read voraciously. He trained himself to be a great intellect. In the middle of this process, he discovered that it is far more […]

The Foundations of Morality

Here is Hazlitt‘s major philosophical work, in which he grounds a policy of private property and free markets in an ethic of classical utilitarianism, understood in the way Mises understood that term. In writing this book, Hazlitt is reviving an 18th and 19th century tradition in which economists wrote not only about strictly economic issues […]

On Appeasing Envy

by Henry Hazlitt Any attempt to equalize wealth or income by forced redistribution must only tend to destroy wealth and income. Historically the best the would-be equalizers have ever succeeded in doing is to equalize downward. This has even been caustically described as their intention. “Your levellers,” said Samuel Johnson in the mid-eighteenth century, “wish to […]

A Biography of Henry Hazlitt

Henry Stuart Hazlitt was not trained as an economist, but his 1946 book, Economics in One Lesson, taught millions of people that putting government in charge of economic life has some serious negative consequences. College students across America used it then, as now, to learn the dynamics of sensible economic behavior. Hazlitt wrote the book to […]

Economics in One Lesson

Introduction to the 2007 Edition of Economics in One Lesson Writing this introduction is a labor of love for me. You know how women sometimes say to each other “This dress is you! ” Well, this book is me! This was the first book on economics that just jumped out and grabbed me. I had read a few […]

Man vs. the Welfare State

In this 1969 work, Henry Hazlitt explains why politicians who promise salvation through government are dangerous. Among the essays: Instant Utopia Salvation Through Government Spending “We Owe It To Ourselves” Consequences of Dollar Debasement The High Cost of Wage Hikes Price Controls More on Price Controls Who Protects the Consumer? Famines Are Government-Made Runaway Relief […]

The Road to Totalitarianism

by Henry Hazlitt This article appears as chapter 6, “The Road to Totalitarianism,” in On Freedom and Free Enterprise: Essays in Honor of Ludwig von Mises (1956) In spite of the obvious ultimate objective of the masters of Russia to communize and conquer the world, and in spite of the frightful power which such weapons […]

The Task Confronting Libertarians

MARCH 01, 1968 by HENRY HAZLITT From time to time over the last thirty years, after I have talked or written about some new restric­tion on human liberty in the econ­omic field, some new attack on pri­vate enterprise, I have been asked in person or received a letter ask­ing, “What can I do” — to fight […]