Libertarianism in One Lesson

Essay from Machan’s Archives: This essay should come in handy these days when “libertarianism” has become almost a household word.  Here is a summary discussion of its central tenets, at least as seen by some prominent libertarians. Libertarians uphold the sovereignty of each adult individual in social life.  They distinguish themselves in the political arena in most […]

On Man And Perfection

By Tibor Machan A great many theories of government and social organization rest on consideration of man’s perfection. From the time of Plato, philosophers and political theorists have formulated much of their thinking about political communities in line with some view about the relationship between ideal man and actual people. Invariably actual people were declared […]

Individualism and Its Progress in the 21st Century

Tibor Machan on Individualism and Its Progress in the 21st Century With Anthony Wile Daily Bell: Our theme for this interview is the progress of freedom in the Internet era – within the context of individualism that you have written about so eloquently. Please begin by giving your opinion as to whether the United States – […]