Defense Department Admits to Human Population Control

“A very dark philosophy is spreading like wildfire among the global elite…an obsessive belief that humanity has become a cancer that is destroying the earth.”

blockquote-blueIt would be very difficult to understate just how obsessed many members of the global elite are with human  population control. There are now large numbers of global leaders that are convinced that the exploding population of the world has become like a virus or a plague, and that it must be combated as such. The United Nations puts out position papers about it, universities have entire courses dedicated to it, radical population control advocates have been appointed to some of the highest political positions in the world and some of the wealthiest people on the planet get together just to talk about it.” – Michael Snyder, End of the American Dream, “Yes, They Really Do Want To Reduce The Population.”

Now the United States

Department of Defense

 not only admits to it — the agency openly identifies population control as one of the “core missions” of the U.S. military.


DoD: Population Control Part Of US “Stability Operations”

(Jurriaan Maessen – – James A. Schear, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for partnership strategy and stability operations, told the audience at an annual summit of the International Stability Operations Association (ISOA) that population control is one of the “core missions” of the U.S. military in relation to stability operations. The DoD press release stated:

“Stability operations, which are usually military operations in civilian environments, include many missions, among them peace operations, combating terrorism, counter-drug operations, population control and nation assistance.”

“While we’re seeking to rebalance toward the Asia-Pacific region while maintaining our emphasis on the Middle East, as we must, we’re also viewing security cooperation as a way to sustain our defense commitments within Europe and partnerships across all regions,” Schear stated.

In his speech, Schear stressed that working with the private sector both in Europe and the U.S. is crucial in ensuring that the “stability operations” such as population control are effectively implemented:

“In regions where America’s national interests are at stake, we must make the requisite investment now tohelp us forego the requirement for larger, more expensive and more intrusive operations later on,” Shear added. He also mentioned that international alliances are needed:

“I would even go further, and say not only the U.S.government but our allies and partners will see increasing needs for private-sector expertise and capabilities in areas such as improving governance, monitoring tenuous situations and providing an immediate-response capability.”

Population Control: An American Objective Since 1974

Population control as a part of America’s geopolitical objectives was formulated as far back as 1974 by Kissinger in his infamous report NSSM 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests. In this heartless report, population control is being considered as a formidable US security interest, especially in regard to world food supplies:

“Since population growth is a major determinant of increases in food demand, allocation of scarce PL 480 resources should take account of what steps a country is taking in population control as well as food production. In these sensitive relationships, however, it is important in style as well as substance to avoid the appearance of coercion.”

Another one of Nobel Peace Prize winner Henry Kissinger’s statements:

“(…) overall assistance strategy should increasingly concentrate on selective policies which will contribute to population decline as well as other goals. This strategy reflects the complementarity betweenpopulation control and other U.S. development objectives, particularly those relating to AID’s Congressional mandate to focus on problems of the poor majority in LDC’s.”

The possibility to use food as a weapon in the demographic chess game is also being mentioned:

“Without improved food security, there will be pressure leading to possible conflict and the desire for large families for “insurance” purposes, thus undermining other development and population control efforts.”

The latest comments by a senior defense official in the U.S. military underscores the fact that reducing world population was and is of major concern to the establishment, not only for American security interests but for those of the New World Order.

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