The First Global Revolution

0002_first_global_revolutionThe book is a blueprint for the twenty-first century at a time when the Club of Rome thought that the onset of the first global revolution was upon them. The authors saw the world coming into a global-scale societal revolution amid social, economic, technological, and cultural upheavals that started to push humanity into an unknown. The goal of the book was to outline a strategy for mobilizing the world’s governments for environmental security and clean energy by purposefully converting the world from a military to a civil economy, tackling global warming and to solve the energy problem, dealing with world poverty and disparities between the northern hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere.

The book saw humankind at the center of the revolution centered on:

  • Global economic growth
  • New technologies
  • Governments and the ability to govern
  • Mass Media
  • Global food security
  • Water availability
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Population growth
  • Learning systems
  • Values/Religions
  • Materials

The work being the product of a Think Tank, it attempted to transcend the nation-state governance paradigm of the nineteenth-century and the twentieth-century and sought a way to eliminate some of the challenges seen inherent with those older systems of global governance. As such, it explored new and sometimes controversial viewpoints.


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