America’s Unelected Rulers, The Council on Foreign Relations

0101_americas_unelected_rulersThe purpose of this book is to present, by direct quotations, the views of the leading figures in the Council on Foreign Relations and how such views are now affecting the Foreign Policy of the United States, The authors believe that the policies advocated by the Council on Foreign Relations, and being carried out by CFR members in high positions in the Government, are not in the best interests of this nation However, it should be remembered that the Council on Foreign Relations is composed of 1400 members, persons of high prominence in industry, education and communications . The authors do not mean to imply that the foreign policy views of the CFR are shared by all 1400 of its members. Unfortunately, there have been instances when, for example, a busy industrialist will join an organization or permit his name to be used without first fully investigating the aims and purposes of such an organization. Perhaps after reading the documented material contained in this book some members of the Council on Foreign Relations, who do not agree with the national-sovereignty-destroying aims of the CFR may wish to conduct their own investigation .

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