Part 4d: What does the future hold for Israel?

John McCain

John McCain

As per the above argument, there is every reason to expect that, since the powerful people who created the CFR had a eugenic ideology, they will have recruited like-minded people to fill any vacancies, and so on and so forth. So the CFR in the postwar years, and more generally the US foreign policy establishment, will have maintained a stable eugenic ideology. If so, this would certainly explain why, contrary to popular belief, US foreign policy throughout the second half of the 20th c.., and into the 21st, has been almost perfectly consistently anti-Israel, and dramatically so, a claim that is documented in detail here:

“IS THE US AN ALLY OF ISRAEL? A Chronological Look at the Evidence”; Historical and Investigative Research; by Francisco Gil-White.

What does the future hold for Israel?

Even diehard defenders of the view that US foreign policy is pro-Israel have been having trouble with that hypothesis in light of recent US behavior, which has become quite extreme. So it matters that John McCain, who claims to be pro-Israel and anti-Iran, has been a member of the CFR since 1997.[67] Politicians represent themselves in public in whichever way that is convenient, so McCain’s membership in the CFR suggests that his policy as president would be anti-Israel, regardless of what he now says.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

It appears that Hillary Clinton is not a member of the CFR. However, husband Bill Clinton has been a member since 1989,[68] and Hillary gives speeches at the CFR and clearly approves of the institution.[69]

A lot of people seem to think that Barack Obama’s wife is an the board of directors of the Chicago CFR. Technically, she is. Except that the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, which now calls itself the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, is not affiliated with the CFR (at least they claim not to be).[70] But given past history, there is no reason to believe that Barack Obama’s administration, if elected, would not fill many of the top foreign policy positions with CFR members, or with protégés of the same.

One can expect that, regardless of who wins, US foreign policy will continue to be remarkably consistent, and decided at the CFR.

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