A Short History of the Round Table

0118_the_round_tableby Will Banyan  Extracted from Nexus Magazine

But for [King] George III, war would have been unknown throughout the world today. The English-speaking race would have been reorganized as a unit, with its central Parliament meeting alternately in New York and London, and it would have given peace to the world.
– Cecil Rhodes

Part 1 

Cecil Rhodes, founder of the De Beers diamond mining corporation, had a vision of an Imperial Federation that would re-unify Great Britain and the United States and globalize the world.

Part 2 

A confidante of Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner was another supporter of imperial federation, which he saw as but a means to perpetuate British power in the guise of a supranational state encompassing the UK and all its Dominions.

Part 3 

In 1909, members of Alfred Milner’s Kindergarten regrouped in London to found the Round Table for the purpose of creating an imperial federation covering Britain and all its dominions.

Part 4 

Divided in its reaction to the League of Nations, the Round Table struggled to control events, but its moment was already passing, as was Britain’s…

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