Back to Basics Reform

0001_charlotte_iserbytAs our nation moves into the Twenty-first Century, Americans should ask themselves what EXACTLY are the goals the internationalist education elite has set for American education, and how achievement of these goals will affect not only our children and grandchildren, but the future of our nation itself? This book deals with the social engineers’ continuing efforts, paid for with international, federal, state, and tax-exempt foundation funding, to manipulate and control Americans from birth to death using the educational system as the primary vehicle for bringing about planned social, political, and economic change. (The major change in our economic system will be the determination by industry and government of who will be selected to perform the necessary tasks in our society—quotas for engineers, doctors, service workers, etc., to bring about the socialist concept of full employment.) As you read on, you will recognize the key roles played by the behavioral psychologists, sociologists, educationists, and others in bring about this planned change—through the radical transformation of America’s classrooms from places of traditional cognitive/academic learning, where intellectual and academic freedom flourish, into experimental laboratories for psychological (attitude and value) change, using modern technology (the computer for individualized instruction and for administrative management systems) in conjunction with the totalitarian theories of Professor B.F. Skinner and other less wellknown social engineers.

The following statements by Professor Skinner are self-explanatory. They should be kept in mind as one reads on. Skinner clearly defines what is happening in many schools of America today—not only to students and parents, but to teachers and administrators as well—and what will happen in ALL schools of the nation AND of the world unless citizens like you, the reader, take immediate action to reverse the dangerous cycle. In SCIENCE AND HUMAN BEHAVIOR, Skinner says, “Operant conditioning shapes behavior as a sculptor shapes a lump of clay.”1 In the book, B.F. SKINNER, THE MAN AND HIS IDEAS, the author, Richard Evans, quotes Skinner as saying “I could make a pigeon a high achiever by reinforcing it on a proper schedule.”2 Evans adds, “His (Skinner’s) concern for what he believes to be the inadequacy of our formal education system led to applying the principles of operant conditioning to a learning system which he called the teaching machine, but Skinner’s approach is concerned with more than merely methods and techniques. He challenges the very foundation by which man in our society is shaped and controlled.”3 Dean Corrigan, in a 1969 speech to teachers, predicted that Skinner’s ‘teaching machines will pace a student’s progress, diagnose his weakness and make certain that he understand a fundamental concept before allowing him to advance to the next lesson.”4

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