Oklahoma Senate Ed Committee Gives Common Core an F

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – The Senate Education Committee on Monday passed House Bill 3399 unanimously by a vote of 11-0 in favor of the bill, calling for the adoption of new English and Math standards created by Oklahomans and preventing direct or indirect federal control over those standards or assessments.

HB3399 repeals Common Core State Standards (CCSS) from state law in Oklahoma.

Senate President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman said, “Our challenge is to ensure Oklahoma students complete their education with the English and math skills they’ll need for college, Career-Tech or to go directly into the workforce.  House Bill 3399 ensures Oklahomans will be the ones to create the rigorous academic standards necessary so our children can compete in the 21st century without federal interference.  This puts control squarely in the hands of Oklahoma and our local districts, helping make sure our students will receive the education necessary to succeed.”

Governor Mary Fallin said, “Raising education standards and increasing classroom rigor are essential to ensuring our children are prepared for college or to begin their careers when they graduate from high school,” said Fallin. “As we work to raise the bar in our schools, it is essential that higher academic standards are developed and implemented by and for Oklahomans. We have no interest in relinquishing control over education to the federal government or outside groups.

“I support passing legislation that increases classroom rigor and accountability while guaranteeing that Oklahoma public education is protected from federal interference. While House Bill 3399 is still a work in progress, my hope is that it will accomplish these goals and ultimately be signed into law. I appreciate our legislators working diligently and carefully on this important matter.”

Fallin then stated that she had already taken action in 2013 to protect Oklahoma schools from federal intrusion, signing an executive order explicitly outlining Oklahoma’s independence in implementing higher standards and student assessments.