The Caleb Bonham Show: Common Core Math

College students and others at George Mason University were dumbstruck by the tedious nature of an elementary level Common Core problem during a short series of interviews conducted byCampus Reform last week.

The problem, 32-12, was demonstrated to those on campus the traditional way and juxtaposed with the Common Core method.

“That was extra difficult for no reason” one interviewee told Campus Reform.

“Make it simple, cause that’s confusing.”

Last week the SAT, America’s leading college entrance exam, was revamped to closely align with the Common Core curriculum according to an announcement by the President of the College Board and “architect” of Common Core, David Coleman.


 Did you know that lead Common Core Standards writer, David Coleman, became President of the College Board in 2012? Why is that significant? Well because in 2013, the College Board began to simplify the material on the SAT exams and all AP courses to match the Common Core.