Where to Cut Spending? Start Here

By David Boaz This article appeared in Orange County Register on February 1, 2013.   President Barack Obama and Congress bravely led the country back from the fiscal cliff — by putting the government squarely on a path toward another series of fiscal stare-downs beginning in March. Oddly absent from this continual game of kick-the-can are concrete ideas […]

The Libertarian State of the Union

January 2013 Featuring David Boaz, Executive Vice President, Cato Institute; Alex Nowrasteh, Immigration Policy Analyst, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, Cato Institute; Ilya Shapiro, Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies and Editor-in-Chief, Cato Supreme Court Review, Cato Institute; Chris Edwards, Director of Tax Policy Studies, Cato Institute; moderated by Laura Odato, Director of Government Affairs, Cato Institute. Following a status quo […]

Libertarianism: A Primer

“Libertarianism: A Primer is a bracing shot of 100-proof libertarianism guaranteed to render mute the last defenders of big, paternalistic government. With plain-spoken eloquence, David Boaz unveils a vision of America that has at its core an abiding respect for personal liberty and freedom writ large.” —WILLIAM F. WELD, MASSACHUSETTS “America is a country full of people who […]