Why We Couldn’t Abolish Slavery Then and Can’t Abolish Government Now

By Robert Higgs  |  August 20, 2009 Slavery existed for thousands of years, in all sorts of societies and all parts of the world. To imagine human social life without it required an extraordinary effort. Yet, from time to time, eccentrics emerged to oppose it, most of them arguing that slavery is a moral monstrosity and […]

About “Josey Wales”

My name is “Josey Wales“. This is my “blog”. I am a Libertarian. That does not mean I think there is no role for a government. I think there is a very limited and specific role for government, and it is up to We The People to keep that government in check. We have FAILed miserably. Being a Libertarian also does not mean I dream of a Utopia, […]