Income Tax: Root of All Evil

Frank Chodorov was an extraordinary thinker and writer, and hugely influential in the 1950s. He wrote what became an American classic arguing that the income tax, more than any other legislative change in American history, made it possible to violate individual rights, one of the founding principles. He argues that income taxes are different from other […]

A Biography of Aaron Russo

Aaron Russo 1943-2007 Born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island, producer Aaron Russo began promoting rock and roll shows at local theaters while still a high school student. He then worked for his family’s undergarment business, where in 1963, he designed the first ladies bikini under wear. Five years later the twenty four year […]

The Role of Community in the Commitment to Liberty

In this video from a 1984 Libertarian Party of Maryland meeting, Hess remarks on the importance of community in the commitment to liberty. At the time of this recording, Hess was living in West Virginia with his wife and surviving entirely on bartered goods and services thanks to a 100% lien placed on his future […]

Taxes No Better Than Slavery

Introduction Taxes No Better Than Slavery by Carl Watner [The following is the Introduction to the book Render Not. More information can be found here. It is available for purchase here.] Slavery is wrong. Taxation is a form of slavery. Therefore taxation is wrong. The implications that follow from this syllogism are the subject of this book. Slavery […]

The Truth About Taxes

By Murray N. Rothbard This article, a response to Alan Greenspan’s call for a consumption tax, originally appeared in the Review of Austrian Economics, 1994, Volume 7, No. 2, pp. 75–90, as The Consumption Tax: A Critique. The Alleged Superiority of the Income Tax Orthodox neoclassical economics has long maintained that, from the point of […]

My Taxes

On April 15 [1969], I sent the following letter, accompanying my filled-out 1040 Form to the Tax Collector: The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America establishes a bill of particulars in regard to intolerable infringements. abuses, and denials of political power which belongs to the people. The Federal government of the United […]