“Repressed Inflation”: The Ailment of the Modern Economy

by Wilhelm Röpke The article is excerpted from Against the Tide. It originally appeared in Neue Zürcher Zeitung, June 14 and 15, 1947. Inflation Plus Collectivism Recent experience in many countries enables us to draw the picture of a strange distortion and stasis in economic life and to diagnose an economic ailment that, more and more, is […]

A Biography of Wilhelm Röpke

Wilhelm Röpke (1899-1966): Humane Economist by Shawn Ritenour Wilhelm Röpke devoted his scholarly career to combating collectivism in economic, social, and political theory. As a student and proponent of the Austrian School, he contributed to its theoretical structure and political vision, warning of the dangers of political consolidation and underscoring the connection between culture and […]

Free Economy and Social Order

by Wilhelm Röpke This article was originally published in the Freeman, January 11, 1954. Most of us, and all of us most of the time, deal with the market economy as a definite type of economic order, a sort of “economic technique” as opposed to the socialist “technique.” For this view, it is significant that […]