How Do You TSU?…Two

Howdy folks. JD aka Josey Wales here. Today, I’m gonna set up my laptop to show some stuff on my desktop, so you won’t have to stare at this ugly mug as much on this video. This will be an update to the first video I made regarding using TSU. So, give me a second to set up and pour a shot of bourbon, and we’ll get to it.

Ok, first, if you are watching this directly from Youtube, scroll down and open in a new tab the first link in the description field.  This is the page I will mainly be working from in this video, and it will probably be easier to follow along than me pointing at my desktop. I’m not sure how well you can see the screen.

Ok, if you see the first screenshot I have there, this is my family tree. The top is from November 20, and the bottom is a day later on the 21st.



 Josey’s Family Tree

You can see that I gained 58 new friends, 30 new followers, and I only gained one more child. BUT my network increased by 17. So what that means is, at least one of my children, or their children, have recruited some new people. See, at this point, gaining more of my own children is cool but it is important to get my children to begin growing their family trees.  And I am going to show you some examples of productive and unproductive children.

Ok, the next screenshot is an example of one of my more productive children.


Arturo is an example of a productive “child”, AND he is a productive “parent” to his “children”!

Ok, the top left shot shows a couple of important things. First, he accepted my friend request. He also has a profile picture and a nice banner giving people an indication of what he is all about. And I am going to address these little things in more detail when I get to unproductive children a bit later.  The top right shot is from November 20, and shows he has 56 friends, 44 followers, 23 children, and 47 in his network. And the bottom shot is a day later on the 21st. He gained a few more friends, only 1 new follower, didn’t add any new children, BUT his network increased by 16 within a day. Now this means that he is being a good parent, and his children are being productive. They are getting their own children, which is building Arturo’s network too. Which, is ALSO building my network.

Now the next screenshot in line is two examples of Arturo’s productive children.


Two examples of productive children for Arturo, which are also productive grandchildren for me.

Miah, on top has 9 children, and Brandon on the bottom has 5 children. But notice this. Miah has 9 children and her network is at 9 as well. Whereas Brandon only has 5 children but his network is at 26! What does this tell me? Well, it tells me that Miah has been good at recruiting children, but Brandon has recruited children who ALSO recruit children.

Now some of you may be thinking that I am being picky or critical here. I’m not. Not at all. I am primarily addressing those who keep messaging me on questions of why they aren’t seeing their bank increase. And hopefully this will become clearer as I show you the next examples. The above examples point out some things that are being done correctly…IF your motivation is to build a network that makes money. Some people don’t give two shits about any of that, and that’s fine. But for those who DO give a shit about making a little pocket change, do what Arturo, Miah, Brandon and I are doing.

Ok, the next shot shows an unproductive child of mine.


This is everything you do NOT do, IF you want to have any success on TSU. Now, to be fair, this person may not give a damn about any of this. Maybe he just noticed my link and signed on to help me out. Maybe he just hasn’t had time to mess around with TSU. I don’t know, nor do I care. I’m only using this as an example to show those of you who are complaining about not making money of things to not do. Notice the top left shot. No profile picture and an open friend request. I sent this friend request DAYS ago, and this person has not yet responded. This may not seem like a big deal, but you can only have 50 friend requests at a time, so this person is holding me up from sending new requests. So, what I do, if I notice someone hasn’t responded after a couple of days is, I’ll cancel the friend request and instead hit “follow”. Then later if I see that they return the follow, I’ll resubmit the friend request. Again, I’m not knocking this person. Like I said, maybe he just doesn’t give a damn about any of this. Which, if you look at the top right shot, seems to be apparent. No profile pic. No banner. No friends, followers or network.

Ok, that’s enough about children. Just be aware of who your most productive children are, make sure you “friend” them, and check out who some of THEIR productive children are and friend them as well. This is important for my next topic, which is “sharing”.

Take a look at the next 2 screenshots. They are the same post from me, but 2 different people shared it.



As I said in my first “How Do You TSU” video, you can only share 8 posts in a 24 hour period. So, you want those to be quality shares. I try to use my 8 on people within my network. And among those, I try to concentrate on those who are active and productive in building their networks.

There a couple of things worth noting here. The top one has 3 likes and the bottom one has 2 likes on their individual walls. So they have gotten some action on their walls with my post. But also notice, when they shared my post, MY name, along with MY hashtags automatically accompanied the share. So people on their wall, liking and commenting on what they shared, will potentially click on my name, possibly follow me or friend request me, and hopefully share some of my other posts. So you see, both of these individuals have gained exposure by sharing my post, AND provided me with exposure that I might not have gotten if they hadn’t shared my post. So when YOU share someone else’s posts, keep in mind that you want to share quality. Something you are fairly certain YOUR friends and followers will like, comment on and re-share. This is how networks are built ALL networks. Even Facebook. The difference is, here on TSU, you can reap in the benefits of what you already do on other sites. So make sure you use your 8 shares productively. Alright, I think we get the whole sharing thing now, so let’s move on.

I mentioned hashtags earlier and touched on them in the first video. Hashtags are cool. TSU doesn’t have “groups” or pages the way Facebook does, which in my opinion, is kinda good. I’ve grown bored with all the debate groups, which are nothing but gladiator pits full of morons who don’t give a rat’s ass what you have to say. Such a waste of time. Anyway, with hashtags, you can easily find topics that YOU are interested in, find great information regarding a specific topic to share, and make new friends that share your interest. Take a look at the screenshot below.


You can see that 5 people liked the post, 1 person commented, and 3 people shared it. But what I am trying to point out here is, the people who liked and shared it, some of them might have  clicked on one or more of the hashtags as well.  Why? Because the hashtags I used are relevant to the original post, and since they like the original post, they more than likely have an interest in anarchy, voluntaryism, and Jeffrey Tucker. So clicking on the #anarchy hashtag will direct them to a page where they can find other content they may want to share, and meet some new people who have a common interest.

And as I noted earlier, those who shared my original post, ALSO shared my name along with the hashtags. So maybe, from their wall, if their visitors didn’t click on my name, they MIGHT have clicked on one of the hashtags and saw me there as well. It is just another way to market yourself and your content. So just remember, use hashtags with your posts, but keep them relevant to the post and do NOT do the whole friend begging crap.

Ok, let’s take a quick look at the analytics page.



It opens by default showing the graph for “views”. And you can click to change which graph you want to see between views, likes and comments. And that’s cool if you guys are into graphs and charts. You can get an idea of how things are moving from day to day. But if you scroll down that same page, this is the part I like t look at. The posts summary part. And the reason I like to check this out is because you can see, by each individual posting of yours, which ones are getting the most action. It kinda gives you an idea of what YOUR visitors like seeing from you. The one thing that it doesn’t have, and I’d like to see, is a column for “shares”. It would be cool to see which individual posts are getting the most shares.

Alright, let’s talk some money. As I told ya’ll in my first “How Do You TSU” video, I ain’t doing this to get rich…and I ain’t getting rich. But seeing my bank increase even 1 penny each day is incentive enough for me. It’s kinda like a validation, seeing that I am actually reaching some people. I mean on Facebook, you get “likes”, but you begin noticing it is the same people liking your posts over and over. I’ve met a whole slew of new people on TSU that I would have not met elsewhere, and they are turning new people on to fresh content. Checking the bank just shows that new people are seeing the ads next to your posts. Kinda cool.

But I took a screenshot below of my own bank info from November 20th and the 21st.



Between November 19th and 20th I made 24 cents and between November 20th and 21st I made 29 cents. Again, not getting rich quick, but certainly improving. When I checked this morning I had my highest so far with a 35 cent bump. My point is, although I’m not ready to retire, I am apparently doing something right. My posts are getting seen and shared, my network is growing, and my bank has been steadily increasing each day.

Alright, let’s recap and wind this one up. Upload a profile pic. Upload a banner. Fill out your profile page. Make friends and followers. Invite your friends from other social networking sites using YOUR shortcode link. Post interesting content. Max out your 8 “shares” each day, but do it wisely. Use hashtags in your posts, make sure they relate to the post, and do NOT use friend/follow begging hashtags. If you see someone else’s hashtags, click on them. You will find info that interests you, and it is a great way to make new friends and followers. When you notice someone has signed on under you, they are your children. Welcome them. Teach them what you have been taught. Get them excited about recruiting their own children. And lastly, just be patient and have a good time!

That’s it for this one. Ya’ll have a wonderful evening and as always…PEACE.