Is Non-Voting an Indication of Apathy?

by Lisa DeLasho

0246_george_carlin_votingHere’s why I don’t vote. It has NOTHING to do with apathy…in fact, it is quite the opposite. You see, I don’t vote because I actually DO care about what happens to, well…everyone, everywhere.

1) Voting gives the illusion of choice. Is being “allowed” to choose between TWO candidates (let’s get real: third party candidates have NO chance because of how the system is set up, and they NEVER will) really choice?

2) The lesser of two evils is still evil.

3) No matter who “wins,” things progressively get worse in the US. Higher taxation (which is theft, by the way), more wars, increased police state, less freedom, etc.

4) Politicians all serve special interests – not the people. If you don’t believe this, check out up your candidate. See who funds that person. Check out their voting record.

5) By voting, you are saying you are okay with the system the way it is, and you are saying you are okay with the candidates the establishment has selected for you to “choose” from.

6) ALL candidates make promises and break them. They tell us what they want to hear.

7) Voting is violent: the authority for EVERY one of the government’s actions is PRESUMED to flow through “the people” when they vote. By voting, you are legitimizing everything the government does, no matter how heinous. You have blood on your hands. Hate me for saying that all you want, but it is true.

8) By voting, you are attempting to enforce YOUR preferences – via VIOLENCE – on others. You are trying to decide what is right for others and not just yourself.