Voting is Violence

by Danilo Cuellar  February 12th, 2014

0244_gun_in_mouthOn January 28, 2014 our fearless gang leader gave his annual State of the Union address to the group of baboons known as Congress. He vowed to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10, further destroying basic employment opportunities for unskilled and inexperienced workers. He also said he will push forward on his agenda “with or without the approval of Congress,” in the true spirit of a dictator. Now the subordinate thieves, liars, and murderers are preparing for their 2014 elections. If you want to live in a world of abundant prosperity, peaceful interactions, and voluntary associations please stop participating in this freak show circus of force and aggression. It is degrading to our humanity and violent towards our neighbors.

Voting is the shameful irony of asking our masters for permission to be free. We cannot achieve freedom through pleasant niceties and formalities. We must reject this disgusting charade and replace it with endeavors that will educate us, and make us stronger. Every minute spent voting is a minute lost from the productive areas of our lives. Every minute spent debating and discussing politics, or the ethics of the activities of our masters is a minute utterly wasted and stolen from us as maliciously as our money is tangibly stolen from us through taxation, or intangibly stolen from us through inflation.

Even if voting did achieve something, which it does not, it is still a barbarous act. It is an action with the hopeful effect of pointing the guns of the “State” at our neighbor instead of us. To think that our problems will be alleviated by simply choosing the correct dictator is both naïve and puerile. It is a fantasy as pitiful as the belief in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny, the only difference being that the belief in the “State” wreaks unimaginable destruction, brutality, imprisonment, suffering, misery, and death around the world.

Many mythical phrases give us the illusion that we, the people, have control. “Representative democracy,” “consent of the governed,” “government by the people, of the people, and for the people” etc. These are all pleasant euphemisms to distract us from the stark reality that we are all human chattel to be milked. To think otherwise is to view our authoritarian rulers as our equals. This is a logical impossibility since that would subject them to the same “laws” to which we are all subjected, which would imply that they essentially have no power. Their power originates in the minds of people and is most clearly understood in that their actions not only lie outside of the realm of conventional morality and ethics, but also of their contrived “laws.”

The terms above exist only to mollify the palpable oppression all peons feel in their daily lives, and to provide them the illusion that may actually effect meaningful change through the political process that has been created, adapted, and administered by our respective masters. To attempt reform by “writing to one’s congressman” is to effectively admit that we have no power over ourselves and that we must ask, nay beg, for permission to be free, which in itself is an open confirmation that we are not free. If we are not free than by logical deduction we must conclude that we are enslaved.

Some may say “Stop being so negative! Appreciate your life and be happy for what you have!” To such people I ask “How many freedoms will you allow to be taken from before you resist? How many laws must be passed before you say ‘No, I will not comply’? How much privacy must be destroyed before you say ‘This is enough!’? What is your threshold? How much monetary theft and economic rape is too much?”

Voting is the disgraceful pleading with our masters. It is the tacit admission that the theft was justifiable and that, according to the established “political process” we must perform our “civic duty” to pitifully beg for the scraps that we ourselves created through our hard work, and creative innovation. It is a slap in the face to all those in the productive class. Do not participate in this farce. It is demeaning, and dehumanizing. Recognize no master over your body and property but yourself.

All politics is violence. Delegating rights we don’t have to a “public servant” it is a pitiful attempt at justifying theft, imprisonment, torture, and murder of our fellow man. Herein lies the underlying inconsistency. Nobody can delegate “rights” to another person that one did not already possess. We cannot steal from our neighbor. We cannot threaten our neighbor with arbitrary “laws”. We cannot extort, torture, or imprison our neighbor for failing to comply with our “laws”. We cannot buy goods and services, use them in the name of the “public good” and then send the bill to our neighbor. Yet these very wretchedly fraudulent actions and more we “legitimize” constantly when we go out and exercise the State worshiping racket known as voting.

There is no pride whatsoever in choosing the Socialist, the Fascist, or the Communist to sit on the throne of power . Belief in “government” has caused most of the atrocities we read and learn about in the history books, and which are continuing to this day. Government only exists to perpetuate itself. Government is not a necessary evil. It is an unnecessary evil. Let go of this fantasy.

Vote for nobody in the next election. Take responsibility for your own life. Get off the couch and meet your neighbors. You will discover they have similar problems as you. We have more in common with each other, and with those “terrorists” overseas, than we will ever have with our “elected leaders”. Where must they lead us to? Are the people really a flock of sheep or a herd of cattle that they must be led? Humans are not cattle. Be your own governor, senator, speaker, and president. No man has the authority, wisdom, or right to rule over any other man.

Voting symbolizes the inherent immorality in the democratic concept of electing anything by majority rule, and coercively applying that ruling to all the inhabitants of a nation State. Centrally planned monopolies don’t work in education, retirement services, military or money. They all fail miserably because free will can never be predicted by any centrally planned agency, not that government has any intention to satisfy human desire. Once a monopoly is established and supported by the guns of government, prices soar, resource wastefulness abounds, and quality plummets. This is quite predictable, as any inhabitant of a previous Communist or Socialist society can attest to. If Cuba is such a “worker’s paradise” why do people from the other Caribbean islands risk life and limb to take a boat 200 miles to Florida rather than travel 50 miles to Cuba? Why do you never hear of people illegally crossing the border into North Korea?

“A ballot is just a substitute for a bullet. If your vote isn’t backed by a bullet, it is meaningless. Without the bullet, people could ignore the election outcome. Voting would be pointless. Democracy has violence at its very core!” ~Muir Matteson, “The Nonviolent Zone”

The ease with which decent people engage in voting is a testament to the innate desire of men to bring about goodness in the world. However a clear distinction must be made between doing good yourself and trusting that murderous sociopaths using the guns of the “State” will do good on your behalf. The former is simple and direct; the latter is distorted and violent. The former is the way of peaceful individuals engaging in voluntary interactions; the latter is the way of hierarchical beasts. Make your choice.