The Gaza War From Ground Level

The definitive account of the Israel and Palestine’s dark and deadly 2008 winter. Combining quality camera work with brave and unshrinking journalism, this is the powerful film that resulted.

“Today it’s the sons of Hamas who are on the frontline. Victory or martyrdom, by God’s will…” cried Sheik Rayyan, from the Hamas leadership. Within hours he would be dead, struck down by an Israeli bomb. White phosphorous, illegal in use against civilians, was one of Israel’s responses. “White phosphorous burns through its victims’ bodies” says the head of the Burn Unit at this overcrowded hospital. “Nowhere in the Gaza strip is safe for the civilian population”. At the UN school, 35 sheltering refugees, mostly children, were killed. “Hamas, and its leaders, hidden underground, are completely responsible for the suffering of Gaza´s people”, declares the Israeli Defence Forces spokesman. “This will not stop Hamas or change their principles” cry the Palestinian people “we are the ones who are destroyed”.

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